Where to Buy a Camaro Titanium Wetsuit

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As we approach autumn in Australia, I want to get myself a Camaro wetsuit since I’ve heard nothing but good things. I’ve scrolled around the net but can’t find an online dealer. Can anyone recommend where I can get one, either an Australian dealer or one that does international shipping? Also is the Titanium the same as the Modetec? The designs look a little different.

@danspense, you said in a previous thread that you had both a 2mm long and 0.5mm shorty. Since I’ll be back in the UK next year at what sort of temperature/time of year do you usually switch between the two? How cold can you go with the 0.5mm shorty? Winter in Perth only drops to about 10-15°C water temperature so I’ll only need a shorty but not sure what thickness.
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    Titanium was discontinued 2 seasons ago, if you search the internet you might find one left somewhere, if you do grab it...the new suit is Black Tec, great also!
    Black Tec is 1mm the old Titanium was 2mm, but you can only get that made by Camaro now in the full suit. The 0.5 Modetec is Camaro's best suit made to fit like a second skin but, I wouldn't wear it in water much colder than that...but I am a Californian we think were freezing much below 70f/21c LOL :)

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    Thank you @waterskigirl‌, sounds like the Black Tec 1mm is probably the way to go. Just the conundrum of size; I’m 180cm, 80kg, and fairly lean so presumably that would be a large? Do you deliver internationally?
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    Modetec is Titanium and it is discontinued. They now sell the Black Tec which is also very good and comes in deferent thickness and styles. I personally have a long suit 2mm Black Tec, There is a Shorty 1 or 2 mm, top 1mm and many more. There is also the legendary 1mm Camaro open cell long suit, which is the greatest suit from about 13°C and higher. I'm also about the same size as you and if you go for any Camaro top choose L if you go for the black Tec long suit, you are between L and M (personally I have the L one) If you go for the 1mm Open cell take the M, definitely not Large. There are two online stores in Europe that sell Camaro “waterproof.cc” and “hotwater.cc” in Spain and Austria respectively, they both ships internationally.
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    I have just check hotwater.cc and they still have modetec titanium in stock, in various styles and sizes but they are a bit pricy. You might ask for a discount as they have them in stock for a long time. waterproof.cc also has most of the modetec models in stock. Blacktec is as good and a bit cheaper.
  • waterskigirlwaterskigirl Posts: 142 Water Ski Industry Professional
    For the record as a dealer currently selling the full line...
    Open cell-discontinued were black 1mm/2mm full suit, no mas in the US a few might be found in some random sizes online somewhere.
    Titanium-discontiued the were silver 2mm suits, shorty and full, no mas in the US a few might be found in some random sizes online somewhere.
    Black Tec-currently the main water ski suit is black 1mm glued and blind stitched seams in shorty and top and 2mm in the full suit comes in kids and adult unisex sizes
    Modetec Titanium-NOT discontinued is currently Camaro's premium line fits like a second skin you pay more for the seamless bonding designed not to let water in through the seams. The product comes in top, shorty and full suit, all are silver 0.5mm and unisex.
    I do believe it gets confusing for two main reasons-they use the word "Titanium" in relation to the material the silver scs coating of the current Modetec line and they used "Titanium" before to refer to the suits that were discontinued, and both are silver color.
    Going forward if you pay attention to the thickness, it is easier to understand which suit is which.
    Whew!!! I think that covers it, if you are still unsure, size questions, email me or call me anytime.
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    ...and as a long distance customer of @waterskigirl ....I can attest that her customer service rocks!!
    Its also nice to support the sponsors of this site when possible.
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    FWIW, I have used a lot of different Camaro suits. Regarding fit, comfort and warmth, did not notice any difference between the open Cell and Titanium. One big difference, though: putting a non full zip vest is really difficult with the open cell, as it is kind of sticky.

    + 1 on @waterskigirl‌ customer service.
    Rodrigo Andai
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    I bought from @waterskigirl as well. Her customer service is way more than I've ever experienced.

    That said, I don't recommend the 0.5mm suit for cold water. If it's warm enough to comfortably use that suit for skiing, it's warm enough to not bother with it or just wear a heater shirt IMO.
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