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How good is the Vapor? One way to tell is that there are none for sale on SIA.
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    Finally was able to get out for the first time on mine this morning (damn wind). Only took two sets and it's too early to really say much, however there were two things that immediately stood out for me.

    1) Being a long time MPD user/lover the influence from that ski was obvious to me. Stable as standing on a 2x12, just like my trusty MPD. I was almost immediately comfortable on it. 2) I was purposely trying to get on the front of the ski in my offside turns (never been all that good at it) and when I was able to the thing engages just like on onside. Once I've learned to trust that it won't pitch me OTF there's a lot of promise there I think.
    Ed Obermeier - owner, EZ-Slalom Course Systems
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    I've only got a couple of sets on my 67". The ski has a ton of potential. Offside turns are great, if only I could get that pesky onside to cooperate consistently.
    Ryan Christopher
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    @Rpc29 I got a Vapor yesterday. Now I have two sets on it, (in terrible windy weather). Same thing, offside great, onside - it doesn't seem to come round. Maybe I just need to reach a bit higher and be patient. I feel it has promise. I currently have Rossi settings and will persevere.
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    im on a 67 fb 29 3/4 2.475 6.880 75.5 skied 3 set this season just running 28 right now ski feels great. my ski partner has the same ski set at 2.450 6.960 .75 dft fb same he looks good for only a few sets this yr. I will try the longer shallower setting this week water is 62 air 75 plus it has been super winy the last few weeks.
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    I have not tried the new longer, shallower stock fin settings yet either. Im still on the older stock settings. Let us know how the ski feels compared to the older, deeper shorter settings
    Rob Quetschke
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    my 66 is set at 6.900, 2.455, .740 wing at 10, front boot at 29.25 and it's really happy
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    A great ski, turns both sides really well without changing from published numbers. Running Rossi numbers with binding forward to 29.7/8th. I spent a year on a D3 Quest never really getting anywhere on it. This ski I have great hopes for. Ran 13m this weekend in 20mph winds so pretty good in crap weather.
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    Cant wait to try one.
    Shut up and ski
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    My 68 is set at 6.896, 2.458, 0.735 wing at 9, front boot at 30 9/16. It's way better than I am now, very good both sides, tip down and drives back in with power. Ran my first 38 on it and a few times since (practice). Now just need to pull my head out and put together a good tournament round.
    This ski will work with OK with wack numbers but is crazy good with the right ones (for you). The "official" numbers seem to vary by source and vary fairly regularly. Don't be afraid to play around with the settings a bit, it won't bite. But as you get closer to the right ones the performance goes way up and it gets even easier to ski.
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    I changed my settings on my 67 vapor to the new # 6.960 2.450 .75 9 wing holy sheep dip the ski is even more amazing. only 4 sets into the season just running 28 32 34mph if you have a vapor I would say if you don't try the new settings you missing out.

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    Where you getting these new settings @Deano?

    Edit: Found them at Performance's web site. I assume those are the updated settings you're referring to.
    Ed Obermeier - owner, EZ-Slalom Course Systems
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    So this may be a noob question but are all skis set to a certain number from the factory? Like a baseline number? I thought they were some years ago? I haven't touched mine so whatever it was when it left the bench at Radar is what its at. I have only skied 8-10 passes on it and it feels smooth and stable I believe I will be liking it a lot in the next few sets...
    Brandon Atkinson
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    I got one this year and love it! Easy transition from my strada which is on Ski it again currently
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    Londonskier, I had the same feeling on my inside, went to .760 dft and cleaned that up on my 68. Have fun!
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    Check your fin!!!. Just because it came from the factory doesn't mean it is set up with "factory" numbers. I think the finishing assembly on most skis is done by minimum wage college kids that may be hung over and are likely done at the end of the day. Some skis are on the money... some are all over the place. Find the recommended numbers on the mfg web site and check to see if you are close.
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    You guys who are having onside issues (not coming around) take a look at Rini's new settings chart. It's a big move for the bindings. When I got my 67, his front binding number was 29.5, now it's 30.25...

    63.5, 6.875, 2.475, .745 wing at 8, boot at 29.00
    65, 6.880, 2.475, .745 wing at 9, boot at 29.25
    66, 9.954, 2.445, .745 wing at 9, boot at 29.25
    67, 6.960, 2.450, .750 wing at 9, boot at 30.25
    68, 6.960, 2.450, .750 wing at 9, boot at 30.75
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    If Whitney is using his numbers they must be good. She was killing 39 and I think just lost focus at 4.
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    @501Brandon‌ my 2013 senate was not setup with the factory settings like I was told. YMMV.
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    @MrJones‌ matt always sets up Whitney's skis. Doubt those are the exact numbers she is using though.

    I was also at 30.25 +/- or as far forward as the sequence plate would go on the 67
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    Been out now 3 times on my 68" Vapor (damn wind...), each time with different "factory" settings. Seems to be a moving target yet... Most recent move was moving the bindings forward on the ski per @Roger's listed numbers above. Moved bindings from 30 1/4 forward one hole to about 30 1/2" or so, moving a full half inch just seemed too much of a move to take all at once. Left the fin at the numbers listed above.

    Don't think I'll need to go any farther forward, the off sides (2 - 4 for me) are basically automatic now with pretty much no input from me at all - just stand up straight and reach - and boom. Get on the front now too much, which I'm not particularly good at anyway, and the ski stalls. But even in a stall I'm yet to be pitched OTF which is always a huge positive. Still getting a feel for it but I've put the MPD away in the closet for good now.
    Ed Obermeier - owner, EZ-Slalom Course Systems
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    Wow. That's a big move on the bindings. I rode two different 67 Vapors this weekend with Rossi's numbers and front binding at 29 7/8. Felt pretty damn good.
    Shane "Crash" Hill

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    @ShaneH please tell me you did not move the fin. That thing was perfect

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    Only with a hammer. Don't worry, the duct tape hides the marks. Dawg had moved the fin long before I got my mitts on it.
    Shane "Crash" Hill

  • bigtex2011bigtex2011 Posts: 410 Crazy Baller
    I helped @shaneh epoxy the crap out of that thing. it looks pretty good considering what it was put thru.
  • Texas6Texas6 Posts: 2,172
    And the bondo really hides handle dings well - nicely done guys
    Daryn Dean - Lakes of Katy, TX
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    I thought it was odd when @ShaneH‌ put the vapor in bed w/ him after his first set!!! I guess @Horton‌ was right----it will never be the same.. Great skiing this weekend Shane
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    @Horton better be nice, or I'll pull a "Smart" and send him a picture of his ski in it's new home. :) Or even better, I'll send him pics of his ski with every attractive woman I know all summer long. Kind of like the Christmas Elf type thing. lol
    Shane "Crash" Hill

  • Texas6Texas6 Posts: 2,172
    Actually more pics of cute ladies and Vapors would help this thread
    Daryn Dean - Lakes of Katy, TX
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    @ShaneH One word. "Pterydactyl".
    Stir vigorously then leave!
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    I tried the bindings at the numbers from Rini via @Roger above. I already had my fin there. The turns were good before, they became automatic.
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