Stupid Radar with stupid insert pattern and set up issues with Reflex binder

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Why in the world am I forced to drill out extra holes on a Radar RTP to mount to a Radar ski? As you can see in the first pic, I had to drill extra holes in the back to accommodate Radar's narrow hole pattern.

In the pic on the right, I ran into an issue with the back holes on my new Reflex. I have the binder set at 30" from the tail and I could barely squeeze the washers in next to the Reflex hardware . If my next ski requires a measurement closer than that I won't be able to fit in washer.
Any suggestions? The back holes appear to be spaced about 1/8 apart, however the front and middle are slotted.


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    I had the same issue with a Radar RTP, you are right about that but drilling it is very easy.
    as far as the washer issue, now that you use composite plates you do not need to use the aluminum countersank washers to protect your plates. You can use flat stainless steel washers, they fit next to Reflex hardware, they look better and they don't corrode over time.
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    Didn't have any issues with my RTP. I did have to grind a flat spot on the countersunk washers for the Reflex. They haven't collapsed and give me plenty of clearance. In fairness to Radar, I would've had to do that on my D3 Quest as well. My Reflex plate is slotted in the back...not sure why yours only has holes there.
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    What kind of Radar ski is that? Both of mine (a P6 and Senate) have the wider hole pattern that fits the ARTPs that are on them.
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    Quite common to have clearance issues with the release blocks on the back of a reflex, depending on what size foot you have and where the distance to tail sits. I routinely will pull the blocks and bevel the outside edge to give clearlance to the rear screws. Not at all a radar issue.

    Now the rtp, I got nothing.
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  • countymountiecountymountie Posts: 119 Baller
    @Waternut‌ I noticed that some retailers have the carbon fiber Reflex plate is slotted in the back and appears that it has additional holes so you can move the rear block units forward in addition to the toe loop. The newer g-10 has the holes, no slots.

    @skialex‌ thanks with the good info, buying new ss washers will be a lot cheaper than buying a carbon fiber plate, I'll make it work.

    @oldjeep‌ it's an older Strada 55 that I'll be using for the next few weeks. I plan on demoing a Vapor and a Nano XT ASAP.

    I now see that Radar has stated putting 4 holes in the back of their current skis. It sure would have been nice if they make their binders compatible with all of their skis.
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    Those Strada 55s were not a production ski until it was renamed. Radar may have made it with a requested pattern.
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    @MS No sir. When Radar started putting out skis, the back holes were closer together than HO's and Obriens. I still have an '09 Senate C that has the same hole pattern as my 55. It was never an issue before because I was using a Sequence Plate. I thinks Radar saw the error of their ways and now offers skis that can accommodate a wider variety of rear binders. However; with regards to my ordeal, Radar should be putting out a RTP that does not have to be modified to fit their own product. You can't defend that.
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    Sure you can defend it. At some point, it's not necessarily cost effective for a company to be backwards compatible to OLD product lines. Fact of the matter is, they're in business to sell new skis, not to make it easy for you to keep skiing on 4-5 year old ones.
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  • eddie_roberts_jreddie_roberts_jr Posts: 442 Water Ski Industry Professional
    We do have an RTP that is mounted to an aluminum plate and it will bolt right on to that limited run, pre-production all carbon, PVC core Senate you have that Horton named Strada 55. You can get it in the adjustable or fixed and sized rubber version.
  • DirtDirt Posts: 1,529 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    It is frustrating to move bindings from ski to ski. I don't think this is a Radar problem. That ski is a prototype. I have had to slot binding holes, make custom plates, buy custom G10 plates from Erb, etc... to make my bindings fit from ski to ski (a bunch of different brands). I think this is the norm now. I couldn't ski without owning a Dremel and a bunch of shorter screws so they don't punch through the bottom on some thin skis.
    I have had nothing but outstanding service and quality from Radar over many years.
    I learned everything I know not to do from Horton
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    The RTP that you have pictured on the left is Radar's Feather Frame plate. These are only compatible with Radar skis that are 2011 or newer. If you buy the Radar RTP/Rear boot that is on the aluminum frame it will fit every manufacturers hole pattern. Whoever sold you the RTP should have mentioned the Feather Frames compatibility issues to keep you from drilling holes in your ski.
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    Please if you have the option always drill the plate never the ski!
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    @ricski39‌ yes, if I would have known it would be an issue I would have bought the aluminum frame. I didn't drill the ski, I just widened a couple of holes on the RTP like @Dirt mentioned and then reinforced with a small plate that I took off my Sequence plate. I'll ride on this setup for a couple of weeks until I get back in ski shape and then demo new skis.

    I'll probably get a couple more "Dislikes" for doing that. Oh well...
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