mental blocks and dumb mistakes

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Last season I ran about 25 35 off at 36. This year at the end of May I ran my first one and started knocking them out about every third attempt. On the passes I didn't run I still got 3 or 4. The last week and a half I have been consistent at getting 4 and once in awhile 5. I haven't run it in Almost a dozen attempts now. Ski feels good and I have checked all the settings. I keep making a mental mistake like over pulling or over turning and ending the pass. I have tried going out and running 6 32 offs in a row and it made my starts feel better but didn't eliminate the mental error. Anyone else dealing with this? Anyone have an idea how to get past the mental block I suddenly have? If I was getting 1 or 2 I could understand that I am doing something completely wrong but getting 4 and 5 I would think I should run it once in awhile.worst score was tonight 5.5 Worst score you can get. Maybe skiing with Mapple next week will help. Thanks for reading my rant!
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    I don't have advice, but maybe some good news: I have consistently found that when I start to rack up all sorts of silly mistakes on a tough pass, that it means I am just about to "master" it (for that season at least). I don't really know why this is the case, but I *think* it has something to do with starting to get comfortable. Comfort can cause mental laziness, but also is part of the road to consistency.
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    @Than_Bogan‌ Thanks that helps. In the past it was like if everything lined up perfect good water good driver I could run that pass. I do feel that it is feeling more comfortable and is probly why I am making mistakes.just really frustrating cause I feel like I should be running it at least 50% of the time now. Frustrating to feel like you have a tough pass in the bag only to blow it at the end.
    Travis Torley
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    @Rico I may do that and limit myself to just skiing 32 for the next three or four sets. Will try and get video in the morning and post it. I know I got a lot to work on but I know I can run this pass too
    Travis Torley
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    @skier2788 I feel your pain. I'm now a 34 mph guy and out for the season due to surgery.

    A few years ago was busting thru 38 with some regularity and misses were 4 and 5...only to lose it somehow.

    The next season had periods lasting a week or two with the majority of 38's falling only to lose it somehow and start missing like crazy and running sloppy 35's. Incremental sport. Coaching should help but may result in backwards before forwards but still try to implement the suggestions...sometimes a step back and figure it out and then 2 steps forward. Focus more on skiing properly than the score and eventually the scores will be there.
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