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SO i looked and could not find this any where so i hope i am not repeating a questioned asked 1000 times. my family and i have been recreational water skiers for the past 30 years recreational we can all slalom ski. but we have had the same pair of skies as long as i have been alive (27) years and they are finally ready to be retired. I have no idea where to start looking or what we will need. we need a ski that will allow people to learn on and our intermediate skiers to push them selves on. it would a seem that we would need a combo ski. i have looked at some different companies but there is no description on the skies or ways to compare them so idk if the 150 dollar combo skiies are the same as the 600 dollar pair of combo skis. im hoping some one can point me in the right direction, i am totally lost.
Thank you


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    Even good combos won't be great for intermediate level slalom. You may want to consider a slalom like a Radar Senate AND buy a lower priced combo set for teaching people to ski.
    Jim Ross
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    +1 on Razor's advice. We have a cheap pair of Obrien combos for teaching people. Just messing around, I rode them with the kids while they were tricking a few weeks ago. Those things are terrible!

    When looking for a set of low price combos my main focus would be on the binding. None of the ski design will be more than basic, but being attached better will help.
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    In support of what @Razorskier1 said...I had a 26yo friend at the lake last week who is a very good athlete. He had previously skied on two skis years ago, and got right up on a nice set of new $200 67" combos. The next day he wanted to try slalom. To my amazement ...and relief, he nailed his first deep water start (deep V training handle may have helped) on the slalom ski from the combo.
    I let him ski a little ways, then dropped him, and promptly had him put on a backup 67" Radar Senate w/ Vector boot, that I keep on hand. Despite the tail being a bit narrower, he got right up on it first try again, and said he was amazed at just how much more stable it was.
    He was pumped to be introduced to the world of slalom. Next day I got the obligatory text from him saying "my everything is sore".
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    Shameless plug for My local MC dealer -- great site with great sales support. Call and ask for Eric -- he is terrific!
    Jim Ross
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