D3 Ski Auction At In His Wakes Head to Head

Eric KelleyEric Kelley Posts: 235 Solid Baller
D3 has offered up a D3 Helix or Quest up for auction at The Eagle Sports In His Wakes Head to Head. It will be a good opportunity to get your hands on one for a good price. Make your check out to IN HIS WAKES. See you there. Thanks D3!


  • BobHBobH Posts: 13
    Here's the link for the official scorebook for the In His Wakes tournament. http://www.usawaterski.org/rankings/scorebks/14S150CS.HTM

    There will be a more detailed post regarding the results along with some pictures, but in a quick summary, Regina challenged for yet another record with 2 @41. She won the 34 mph head to head event ($3000), with Chad Scott 2nd ($1500), Kyle Jones 3rd ($500), and Eric Kelley 4th ($250). Half of the skiers ran into 39.5.

    In the 36 mph head to head event, Tyler Scott and Dane Mechler tied with 3 1/2 @ 39 in the final. Tyler went first so he won the event. Prizes awarded were Tyler Scott ($500), Dane Mechler ($300), Sam Jackson ($200), and Casey Contos ($150). In the qualification rounds, Dane Mechler ran 2 @41, and Tyler Scott ran 1 @41.

    Four Rivers Harley Davidson awarded $100 each to the top female performance (Regina with [email protected]), top 34mph male (Chad Scott with [email protected]), and Dane Mechler, top 36 mph performance with [email protected]

    It was a great and fun event, and we greatly appreciate the support from our sponsors - Eagle Sports, Centurion Boats, Malibu Boats, D3 Skis, and Four Rivers Harley Davidson.

    Plans have already started for next year!
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