Skiing in Northeast Ohio?

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Hey guys,

I'm fairly new to slalom (just got into the sport seriously last season) and live in Northeast Ohio in the Youngstown area. I currently ski behind a '96 19' Sea Ray (not exactly the best ski boat) and own a Radar Senate C from a couple years back. I'm by no means a good skier, but am invested in getting better as quickly as possible. I currently do not have access to a course, but would love to try it if given the chance. I was wondering if there was anyone that skis in Northeast Ohio that would either want to ski some time or that could recommend a lake with a slalom course that I could start skiing on. Thanks,



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    The good news for you is that there are 3 lakes with courses near Y-town... Glassy Waters and Bellalago (near Rt. 5 and the turnpike) and Skier's Cove (off Rt. 11 in Canfield).

    Skier's Cove is probably close to you... Jeff Ludt is your man to contact.

    There is also a course on lake Milton.
    Anthony Warren
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