Radar Vapor Boa Sizing

mlangemlange Posts: 166 Baller
I ordered a pair of Vapor Boas in a medium and they are really tight. Considering exchanging them for a large. For those of you that have tried them out... how much do they stretch? I wear a medium in a Shortline glove, but these are super tight.



  • eddie_roberts_jreddie_roberts_jr Posts: 447 Water Ski Industry Professional
    Keep in mind that they'll stretch around 10%. When they're new and dry they should be really tight, almost to the point of being hard to put on.
    Tim Vaio
  • mlangemlange Posts: 166 Baller
    If they'll stretch that much then they should be perfect. Since the material is a bit different wasn't sure.

  • scotchipmanscotchipman Posts: 4,051 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    If you can get them on dry they are NOT too big, sounds like yours are perfect.
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  • MZitoMZito Posts: 165 Baller
    I use medium, with good size hands. Started out with large, they were a bit snug getting on dry then way to big once in water. Went to medium and they are really snug getting on dry but fit perfect in water. They are great gloves!!!
    Matt Zito...Detroit Mi
  • melligmellig Posts: 48 Baller
    Just got a new pair of 2014 boas last week. Get them wet and first couple times were painful to wear. They stretched out great and now fit like a glove! Only concern is the new top material as it is already showing wear, but hoping they hold up as I had great luck with them in years last!
  • mlangemlange Posts: 166 Baller
    Thanks everyone for the responses. Sounds like these will be perfect then.
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