Watchic Lake Ski Club Grassroots Tournament

Joe WilliamsJoe Williams Posts: 7 Baller
Hey Everyone,

I know that this is not very close for many of you, but we wanted to get the word out there to everyone. Watchic Lake Ski Club is hosting its very first Grassroots Tournament on Aug. 23. The site is a public/private large pond located in Standish ME (public water but only private access, so we can control the boat traffic during the event)
We will be holding a Slalom event, followed by a fun ski day for the kids. May of the slalom participants have agreed to stay for the afternoon and work with the kids to get them on the water and have a good time.
If anyone is close, or planning on being in the area we would love to have you attend. For more information email [email protected] or check us out on facebook!
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