When do you replace your gloves?

WaternutWaternut Posts: 1,511 Crazy Baller
Just curious at what point people give up their current gloves and get a new pair? I seem to be tearing up my hand a lot more this year than last. My old 2012 Radar Boa gloves are starting to look worn out and the wrist velcro isn't holding like it used to but compared to some others who ski with me, my gloves look new. The velcro is minor and not an issue most of the time unless I fall. However, I am starting to wonder if my hands are getting torn up because the gloves have just stretched too much or because I've got girly hands this summer.

I tried replacing my old gloves with a new pair of Radar Ergo's and they made it worse plus I could bare close my hand around the handle.

Here are my current gloves... The kevlar is starting to disappear in places but the leather isn't torn.


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