Loose pylon

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I have an 07 malibu response lxi and have noticed the pylon has a little play in it, anyone know what the procedure to tighten it would be?


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    well...... I watched a malibu pylon come out of a lxi....... It was just press fit into the hull with no set screws/bolts at all. CRAZY! Epoxy was supposed to hold it in the press fit. I would start looking to see if you have bolts or screws that you can tighten.
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    My 2008 LXi has a bolt/nut assembly just under the floor..difficult to get at but doable... i find i tighten mine every couple months or so...
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    My old ski centurion had a metal cup bolted thru to the tracking fins. Base of pylon sat in there and it came up through another cylindrical piece just below the floor. This was welded to a metal piece running width wise to the stringers where another welded metal piece then flanked the stringers. All sounds ok til realize that the metal flanking the stringers was nothing but lag bolted into wood stringers. Could tighten the cylinder all we wanted but once it was loose in the lags it was a problem.

    Hired a guy who took up the floor, created new aluminum bracket along with aluminum pieces on the opposite side of the stringers as well. Thru-bolted the stringers, double nutted and powder coated the entire works before putting the floor in again. Have not tightened the pylon since and this had to be circa 2000 or so. Rock solid. This was done after we pulled a pylon out with same set-up from @razorskier1's Centurion Barefoot Warrior attempting an 8 man barefoot line. He hired the guy who did mine first and when I saw and felt given his result, I had to do same.

    Malibu has to have some brackets in there on the lxi, I would think. Even the old outboard Malibu's had a killer bracket...we took a pic of it as an example for the guy that re-furbed our pylon mounts.
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    Thanks for the info guys, @rfa, how do u access the bolts? There is a panel at the front of the engine bay and I can't see how to remove it?
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    The panel on mine just "sits" there now...originally it was held by one (or two) screws near the top. remove screws and slide it up...it does require a bit of manipulating to free it up. once removed use two wrenches to tighten the bolt/nut on the pylon. awkward position but doable
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    Awesome, thank you!
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