Slalom course sight seeing in South Dakota

fu_manfu_man Posts: 396 Crazy Baller
So we are doing the Clark Griswold family vacation. Made the all day trek from Chicagoland to Mt Rushmore today. Lots of small ponds/borrow pits along I-90. As I drove, I entertained myself with thoughts of "hmm, I wonder if a slalom course would fit on this one, etc. (Yea, its a long drive.) I passed a pit with the red and yellow buoys all lined up and practically shouted "A slalom course!" about as excited as the kids would be seeing Rushmore or Disney etc. and got the "That's great, dear" look from the wife. Couldn't believe that someone had the same thought as I did! It looks like a pit that was formally dug for 3 event about 10 minutes east of Rapid City maybe on someone's ranch. Not sure if it belongs to anyone on here but looked like a nice site.


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