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pgmoorepgmoore Posts: 192 Solid Baller
The person skiing in the video is my friend, Reid. He is an incredible athlete and has been skiing all his life. Reid has skied in a course maybe three sets and has had professional coaching just once. He also happens to be in the final throws of completing medical school and doesn't get to ski much these days (the pass in the video was his first of the year).

This weekend, Reid was asking me about coaching and technique tips based on his skiing. And to be honest, that is a terrible idea. I'm the last person that should be providing advice.

So I will turn it over to the Ballers. Based on this video, what are the top 2 or 3 tips you would offer Reid. I promise to pass them along!

The video is 30mph, 15 off. The first half of the video is at full speed and the second portion is the same clip and half speed.

Thanks in advance.

Patrick Moore


  • estromestrom Posts: 508 Baller
    Direct him to lots of Seth Stisher's videos for whip drills and pull out drills, etc... to get a good foundation.
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