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I decided this year that to be a better skier it would help if I logged my sets with a few notes each day. Just noticed logging today's sets that I crossed over 1000 passes so far in 2014 -- 1009 to be precise. I've tried a lot of things and learned a lot. One thing I changed this year is quality over quantity. Historically it was common for me to run 12-20 passes in a "work set". This year I rarely run more than 8. Trying to be focused on every pass instead of just going through the motions. Also been thinking too much about angles, loads, gates, etc. From that I've learned some things.

Most of the year I've been taking less angle than historically with very good success at shorter lines. My theory was that it was keeping me connected to the handle longer, yielding both space and width at -35 and -38. On Tuesday I was really tired and couldn't ski at all, so I looked back at my notes from skiing with AM last October. Prominent in those notes was to get higher on the boat, and connect with the handle sooner. I thought, what the heck, let's try that again. The result has been very good. I am skiing all lines earlier and have spanked -38 comfortably this week ever since. Hmmm.

In the end, the two styles I have tried I feel are quite opposite. Earlier in the year I was skiing more like Harald. Less angle, taller, less load -- with very good results. This week I shifted to the AM approach -- wider, earlier connection, more angle -- also with very good results. I guess what that says is that there are lots of ways to get there, and it depends on the individual skier to find the way that works best for them. That's what makes this darned sport so danged difficult!!!!
Jim Ross
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