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Everything I know about the D3 Helix 2

HortonHorton Posts: 27,446 Administrator
edited February 2015 in Skis Fins Bindings
Along with doing public ski reviews I occasionally get to ride R&D skis and give feedback to the factories. These reviews are confidential until it no longer matters. Last August I took one ride in a 66” H2 Prototype. The ski is no longer a secret so I guess I can talk about it.

Caveat => We all know first impressions of skis are notoriously inaccurate & test skis are often not exactly the same as the production skis.

So what did I think if it? After I rode the H2 I left Will Bush a voice mail that said that the ski I rode was at least as good as any ski I have ever ridden. That test ski was the wrong size for me and had someone else’s settings but I still almost reached my PB on my first ride. I was extremely impressed with that ski.

I am very optimistic that the H2 is going to be HUGE. I expect to unbox an H2 soonish and then start a review as soon as the weather and my skiing becomes more consistent.

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