Inline Skate liners

My old radar rs1 liners have finally given up. Been thinking for a while that inline skates have similar lines just brought a used pair of skates for $20. A lot cheaper than genuine replacement liners. Fitted them to my shells tried them on and surprisingly comfortable and feel as though they will release. Going to try them out on the water tomorrow. Has anyone else tried or heard of this been done before


  • eleeskieleeski Posts: 3,785 Infinite Pandas
    I have used skate liners a lot. I slit the fabric of the inside and pull out the crappy stock foam that sponges water and replace it with ethafoam (camping pads). With a bit of careful shaping you can get an excellent fit. This works quite well. Lisa and Stan still use this setup in hardshells.

    I like Intuition liners more. If you're cheap or shipping challenged, old snowboard boot liners are an alternative. Vans liners are arguably better than Intuitions. But it's been 10 years since Vans made the good snowboard liners. I don't like the tongue style liners - I prefer the wraparound style. Be ready to heat mold the Intuitions - it makes a difference. I have had proper releases from my RS1 with the old snowboard liners I'm using.

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    Has anyone tried heat molding their Intuition liners in a hot tub? I need new liners and really don't like putting them in the oven! I never seem to get the toe room that I want. This time I'm going to try that to get the initial set and let them mold over time.
    Anyone tried it?
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    When I have molded Intuition liners I always needed to make a toe cap of some sort during the molding to make sure there is room for my toes. I folded up some paper towels and taped them to my foot then cut the toe off a thick sock before putting a sock over the whole thing. That created enough toe room for me.
    Mark Shaffer
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