Radar Vapor Alloy

Anyone have any experience with the Vapor Alloy? I've found lots of write ups/reviews on the Lithium (which sounds like a pretty awesome ski), but not much on the Alloy. I'm looking to get back into skiing the course (I've been mostly free skiing the last 10 years) and trying to figure out a good course ski to pick up that will allow me to progress into 28' and 32' off.

The ski shop I'm looking to buy from also has the HO Superlite Cx for about $80 more than the Alloy so I'm wondering if thats gonna be a way better ski for the extra $80? I saw Horton's review for the cx superlite and so far everyone I talked to has spoken favorably about the cx, so I'm seriously considering it as well.

I'm 210 lbs so I was looking at the 68" Vapor and the 69" Superlite Cx. Thanks!


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    Chris Sullivan and Brooks Wilson pointed me to the alloy Vapor for my son. Their comment was that the Lithium version would not provide a benefit at his weight because he is "riding the shape of the ski." He less than 100 lbs, so at 210, your results may be different, but I would consider it. Plus you can put $80 to work in a new handle or vest.

    My son only got a few sets on it before winter but he was extremely happy. Brooks Wilson appears to be on an alloy Vapor in a number of videos as well, so you know the ski can 32 off easily if the skier can do it.
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    I am currently riding a Vapor Graphite and waiting on my new Lithium to arrive. I was fortunate enough to be able to get both skis at the same time and demo them for comparison. I would still be riding the Lithium had it not gotten sold while I was demoing it.
    I have set PB's on both skis. Both are dialed right in but for me the Lithium feels like it's riding on rails.
    I'm only knocking on 32's door but I know I will run it sooner than later.
    The ski has forced me to really focus on my body positioning and alignment. It will let you know instantly if you aren't where you should be? It also rewards you well when you are.
    Like you I am riding a 68" ski and moving up from a 67" ski.
    Skis are personal preference but good coaching goes a long long way too.!
    Good luck with your search and eventual purchase. Demo if you can? Even if you have to do a deposit as it will pay off in the long run. My demo skis were sent to me via UPS and I'm glad I spent the extra $100 in shipping to get the right ski. :)
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    Thanks for the input guys! I would love to demo, but it may be difficult. My local ski shop doesn't have any skis in the +68" range, so I'm mostly looking online at last years model skis (just to save some $$$). I'll most likely buy through Shuswap Ski and Board out of Calgary. They seem pretty good and I would imagine that they would probably let me swap skis if I didn't like it after trying it out.
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    Contact them. If they are anywhere close to the guys I just bought my ski from you'll be able to try some skis.
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