which trick is easier TWBB or TO wrap in

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wondering which is easier TWBB or TO wrap in. i have been working on TO wrap in for a fair bit of time but I keep on falling back, it is really annoying. So, I was watching a video and saw someone do a TWBB in her run but not a TO (wi). So which should I work on and which is easier.


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    Learn them both! The TWBB is more points, but the TO wrap in is key to moving on to T5F and T7F. I think the TWBB is a easier because you can get away with less perfection landing in the back position. If you're comfortable riding in the reverse toe back position TWBB should be a piece of cake. If you can't hold the RTB it's a little harder as you have to get the timing right as you head to the wake in the front position, turn back before the top of the wake, and try not to lose your axis and get all stretched out by flinging yourself into the turn.
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    It depends. Can you hold a RTB for a long time? Are you comfortable edging out in RTB? If so, TWBB should be pretty easy. If not, spend time getting comfortable in the RTB.

    One key on the TO wrap in is to point your rope knee at the boat as you finish wrapping in. That helps get away from falling back. Also be sure you are pulling smoothly and keep tension on the rope all the way through the turn as opposed to a big yank on the rope and a fast turn. That is the most common mistake.

    If it's any consolation, girls learn the RTB much faster and easier than guys.
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  • goodeski123goodeski123 Posts: 29 Baller
    thx guys ill have a go at these tricks tomorrow and try to get them thx
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    Ditto to all that has been said. However, TO wrap in is a long process and it can get frustrating at times. TWBB is a great distraction and opens up a lot of possibilities for your run. Also, very unexplored combination, but see if you can learn rTWB out to in. It will prep you for rTWBB and it leads to a great combo:
    TWBB out
    = 880!
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  • goodeski123goodeski123 Posts: 29 Baller
    good thinking @Luzz, thankyou for that im trying to chase a state record down and im under it by about 60 points. this will give me many tricks to learn thx
  • eleeskieleeski Posts: 3,659 MM Trick Skier / Eccentric Person
    Good advice above. You need both. There's plenty of time to learn both.

    TWBB from out to in is another good variation to learn. The boat helps pull you to the wake and the landing behind the boat is easier. That way is a bit easier and fits into many sequences.

    Don't overturn into that RTB position. You need to attack the wake with an aggressive angle. Roll the ski onto a hard edge and you will get to the wake for an easy TWBB. I know some people who can't hold RTB forever but edge well enough to make TWBB.

    TO wrap in is hard because you need so much patience. The ski needs to lead the trick. Your upper body can be 90 degrees behind the ski (Cory Pickos!). Don't force it with your eyes, feel for the front position where the ski drops into tracking position. Now you have quite a bit of time to get in position to grab the rope. Or stay up and wait for the RTO out. Stay really level both when you are pulling and waiting for the pull.

    Have fun learning!

  • goodeski123goodeski123 Posts: 29 Baller
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