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Connelly Honeycomb Trick Ski??

ncskierncskier Posts: 25 Baller
I am wanting to progress in my trick skiing and am looking to purchase a new (to me) ski. I am currently skiing on a 42" obrien pro trac ski, which is basically a beginner ski and at 170 pounds it is less than adequate for proper tricking. As a young person I do not have a lot of money and found a Connelly Honeycomb Trick ski on my local craigslist. Connelly has since stopped production of the ski, but I am wondering how it compares to modern skis such as the new quantum and d3 skis. I do not plan on doing a lot of toe tricks mostly hand jumps and turns.

Can anybody tell me how the Connelly Honeycomb compares to a modern d3 or quantum? Thanks.


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