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I have ordered a Goode from the factory. It has been four days and the ski has yet to be shipped. It this typical for Goode? Most other ski companies get skis out that day or the next. I was thinking maybe they ship way more skis. Any thoughts? After watching the Webcast for the Diablo Shores, I couldn't help but notice that Goode dominated the podium. Goode still is the ski company to beat it appears. Thoughts?


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    Typically GOODE does not have much in stock and they make your ski after it is ordered. What ski did you order?

    GOODE still dominates the podium at all levels but it does not make it the besk ski for everyone. As always try as many brands as you can before you buy.
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    "Radar Rocks"


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    ordered a 9500 an older ski which was a demo. This is for my daughter. I am exclusive to Radar for my skiing. I ride a Theory and a Senate-C. This order is really to test the waters with Goode, as I have no experience with Goodes. If all goes well, I may proceed to whatever they offer next year for juniors which probably will be a 9900.
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    The 9500 was a very good ski for very good skiers. The 9800 and 9900, with the wider forebody, are so easy to ski on a beginner could use it.
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