Please help a European guy who cannot test bindings before buying

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Dear community,

After having had a bad accident 2 months, it is time for me now to find new bindings and try to maybe get back onto the ski in December to catch up some of the lost season. I used to ski double rubber bindings (KD Vise). Literally never releasing out of them (and one of the major causes for my OTF having ended pretty badly), I need new bindings.

Being in Europe, I have no chance of testing. Due to various criteria, I cut the choice down to two:

Radar Strada or Goode Powershells 5

(please note: I fully understand that there are other excellent bindings out there, but at some point, you have to narrow down your options, eliminating those which are furthest away from what you are looking for. So please let's focus on those two systems, as commets like: "I like my double Wileys"  are certainly true, but will not help me a lot).

What I like about the PS is the release mechanism that keeps your feet in the boots and removes the hole plate instead. Already psychlogically (I pretty damn close broke my back during the accident), a completely different release approach would probably help me a lot to return to skiing. Also, with the dual lock, you can adjust the binding placement in the most perfect way, another big plus. Further, I like the fact I won't need to drill any new holes. And last, I think they look fantastic.

The downside seems to be the quality: Even if the few people that ski them never had any issues, it seems that a lot of people here claim they constantly fall apart, warranty is not worth the paper it's printed on and customer service sucks. Is that really true?

Also: What about dialing in the dual lock? How bad is a pre-release? when and what happens? Is it as dangerous as not releasing at all? Thanks for providing some insight hereto! (FYI: I am 155 lbs and ski 34 22 and 28 off)

The Radar Strada come into the last round of options because I keep reading lot's of positive commentaries. Is their quality better than of the PS? And how about the plate they have to be fitted onto? As it seems to be allow, is it not too heavy (I ski an a Fischer)? Does it not prevent the ski from flexing properly? Could I attach the plate the same way as the G10 power plate (dual lock)? Also for the release: As i have huge issues of trusting both feet to slip out of a boot when needed, could I combine the Stradas with Dual Lock, or will it be stupid to have two seperate release mechanismns and in the end, none works well? Is tehre any other option to the Radar alloy plate (i.e. something lighter)?

As you can see, there are a lot of open questions, especially about the Strada boots. Thus, your insight, experience and help will be greatly appreciated!



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    I have owned the Radar RS-1's for over a year and really like them, I also came from the KD Vise. The sequence plate that you can buy with Strada bindings does not weigh much and will allow your ski to flex naturally, I do think the G-10 plate weighs less and flexes more. In order for the Strata bindings to release as designed you need to run the laces just snug, NOT tight. If you want to run the laces tight like I do I would suggest you mount the Strada bindings to a G-10 plate then use dual lock to mount to the ski. Yes there is a bit of a learning curve with dual lock but I have found that three full strips of 250 on the ski and the same on the plate works great for me at 155 lbs.
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    If you are gun-shy on the Powesehlls, you could always buy or make a G-10 plate and attach whatever boots you want. You could buy roller blades. You could also use Fogman or Reflex shells.

    When I started with the Radars, I didn't know quite what to expect, only that I had a friend interested enough to buy them from me if I didn't like them. I wouldn't even consider my laces snug. They are damn near loose: just enough to make sure that the shell cuff is touching all the way around the akle and maybe a pinch tighter on the rear. Every once in a while I'll find I need to shove my rear heel back down after getting up, and more often than not I'll sit in the water thinking that my ski fell off somewhere (especially after tricking in a WIley). **Scott, since you aren't useing the Radar release, have you replaced the upper laces with a static cord?
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    HO 410, My original bungee laces are worn out from pulling them so tight, I have new ones on the way. I have considered a static cord........, however when the bungee laces are new they still have some stretch in them even when pulled tight which may be good???

    FYI, I have a second pair of RS-1's mounted to the sequence place that I use to test skis, when I use this setup I run the laces just snug.
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    I used to ski on a Powershell with a RTP.  From my experience I would not recommend Powershells.  My issue was that I found the release of the dual lock.  I had brand new dual lock on the ski and the plate and made sure the the plate was well secured on the ski.  I would have the most outrageous releases when I was in perfect position just crossing the wake.  I decided to give up on PS and then tried Fluid Motion.  I like them but did not love them.  I have finally ended up on a Reflex and have been using it for the past 2 seasons.  I really like the Reflex setup.  I feel like it holds when it is supposed to and releases properly when needed.
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