Whats Your Tow Rig?

ozskiozski Posts: 1,570
After more than a decade of Toyota ownership I don't feel the latest offerings are as good as the alternatives so I've just placed
an order for a 2015 Jeep GC Limited. At least in Australia the Jeep GC is now the top selling SUV in the category so I took one for a drive and decided to take a punt on one for the next few years to see how we get along. Going with the diesel / 8 speed auto, I reckon its going to be a really good tow rig with all that torque.. Plenty of people giving me grief about US built cars already :smile:
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  • MISkierMISkier Posts: 2,271 Mega Baller
    Don't let them give you too much grief. This is my 1996 Tahoe that I bought new 20 years ago.

    262,000 miles and I tow the boat 200 miles every weekend. US built cars seem to be OK.

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  • oldjeepoldjeep Posts: 3,142 Mega Baller
    2009 Ram Crewcab 5.7L Hemi 2wd with 117K miles so far.

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  • gregygregy Posts: 2,459 Mega Baller
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    I use a 1996 Chevorlet Suburban with 307000 miles on it. Still the original 5.7 liter engine, rebuilt the transmission at about 260k. What diesel are they putting in the GC there.
  • ozskiozski Posts: 1,570
    'Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.'' Boat 2005 Nautique 196 6L ZO - Ski: KD Platinum

  • rockdogrockdog Posts: 503 Solid Baller
    @ozski I use a 2004 X8 Crewman. I can't live without a ute so options are limited unless I spend $50k on a new diesel Hilux, Navara etc. The 5.7 Gen 3 V8 with four wheels give a lot of torque, really thirsty though.
  • Rpc29Rpc29 Posts: 187 Solid Baller
    2004 Chevy Tahoe with 290k, just did 1700 miles of towing with it the other weekend. Original motor and transmission.
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  • aussiemcaussiemc Posts: 117 Baller
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    @ozski You'll be pleasantly surprised. Even though it's US built with a European developed drive-train, it's one of the best vehicles I've owned. Fuel efficient and tows really well. I got the Limited, but upgraded to the Quadra-lift (self levelling) suspension. Best value for money SUV in Aust. at the moment. I test drove a Touraeg, loved it, but the Jeep did everything at a cheaper price.
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  • BulldogBulldog Posts: 985 Solid Baller
    2005 Toyota Tundra! Tows my Malibu like it was custom made for the truck.
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  • david_skidavid_ski Posts: 99 Baller
    2000 Tahoe with 140k and 2015 V6 Tacoma with 5k miles. Both tow my 1993 Prostar 190 with ease. Most of my summer towing distance is 1/4mile.
  • GOODESkierGOODESkier Posts: 1,107 Crazy Baller
    2014 Toyota Tundra Crew Max. 2nd tundra I have owned, first one (2002) had almost 200,000 miles on it with only 2 oxygen sensors that I swapped out on my own, and only front brake pads! Total of $210 dollars in parts for almost 200,000 miles........... That is why I will keep buying Toyota! No american car company can even come close on that one, in my opinion.

    With that said, you don't buy a tundra for the sparkling fuel economy.........
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  • ozskiozski Posts: 1,570
    @aussiemc Glad to hear your happy with it, I'm trading a 12 Prado Altitude diesel which I think is selling purely on reputation. I can't think of one area that it betters the Jeep GC except the Toyota reputation..
    'Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.'' Boat 2005 Nautique 196 6L ZO - Ski: KD Platinum

  • socalskiersocalskier Posts: 62 Baller
    2015 GMC Denali HD 3500 crew cab long bed Duramax/Allison Nice Rig!
  • allycatallycat Posts: 180 Baller
    just got a 2011 model patrol 7 seater diesel as a family car come tow rig seems okay so far.good luck with the jeep :D
  • Bill22Bill22 Posts: 1,460 Crazy Baller
    +1 what @GOODESkier said.
    2001 Toyota Tundra with 214,000 miles, 4.7 V8, 4x4. 2 O2 sensors & brake pads. Love this truck.
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  • swc5150swc5150 Posts: 2,025 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
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    +2 @GOODESkier Our little Rav4 Limited pulls our 196 like nothing. The V6 is almost 300hp in it. Stopping isn't all that fun though, so I'm working my wife over on a new Tundra.
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  • slvrbulitslvrbulit Posts: 173 Baller
    2009 Chevy Silverado

  • Bookm_danoBookm_dano Posts: 80 Baller
    Just switched to a 2014 Chevy Silverado 5.7 last year. Nice truck, barely notice the boat behind it.
    Actually pulled a 19.5 Mastercraft with a 2.4 L Toyota Tacoma for several years. It pulled it up the ramp with no problem; did just find until I would try to climb a hill at freeway speed and would fall flat on it's face. Glad to hear some success stories with V6 Toyota as I really would rather drive a smaller truck.
  • oldjeepoldjeep Posts: 3,142 Mega Baller
    5.7 2014 Silverado? 5.3L maybe?
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  • Bookm_danoBookm_dano Posts: 80 Baller
    @oldjeep Yeah, you are correct....5.3 L Silverado
  • jhughesjhughes Posts: 803 Mega Baller
    2006 4Runner V8, bought new in 06. 112K on it. Air bags in the rear. Body on frame construction with an incredibly reliable and powerful drivetrain. I have the opinion that it's the best mid-size platform out there for towing with the V8 and 5spd trans in it. We love it and it hasn't given us one lick of trouble. Plan to drive it into the ground. Be on the lookout for these if you want a great used deal on an all-around tow rig/SUV.

  • RAWSkiRAWSki Posts: 511 Crazy Baller
    I use a GC Limited with the Standard V6 and it does quiet well. I wish they had a towing mode for the 8 speed transmission but overall it does just fine. Had an ML350 before and it towed great but I find the Jeep a nicer overall vehicle.
  • swc5150swc5150 Posts: 2,025 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    An added bonus of our Rav4 V6 is the 27mpg when I'm not towing. I don't think I'd tow anything larger than a 196 though. It's only rated at 3,500lbs.
    Scott Calderwood
  • kstateskierkstateskier Posts: 524 Solid Baller
    2007 Tundra, 5.7L. Its a beast.
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  • igkyaigkya Posts: 514 Solid Baller
    2004 Toyota Sequoia. 160k miles and still going strong.
  • GAJ0004GAJ0004 Posts: 1,054 Baller
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    My Dad's Chrysler Town and Country. It does the job for launching, and an occasional trip to the marina. I would not use it for towing on a long trip though. The boat is on the lift all season long. When it comes time to trade in my Pontiac G6 I am thinking a Ford Edge, Jeep Cherokee, or Chevrolet Equinox. GM I have found are cheaper to fix..
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  • oldjeepoldjeep Posts: 3,142 Mega Baller
    My father inlaw used to tow and launch his SSLXI and RLXI with a T&C minivan (company car). It pulled and launched it just fine, and with 2-3 people sitting on the hood it retrieved it fine too ;)
    Chuck P
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  • WishWish Posts: 7,330 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    2001 Sport Trac with 241,000 miles. A few of those with the 196 in tow. Baught it new in 01. Was made to tow with oil cooler, different tranny and full tow package vs the standard Trac. Been a good truck.

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