Reflex Trick Ski -- Good Option for Me?

spartanskier10spartanskier10 Posts: 29 Baller
To all the trickers out there...

I am an intermediate tricker who learned earlier this fall and am looking for quick progression. Have learned sideslides, B and F 180s, wake fronts and backs, and surface O's in only about 6 sets. Seem to be catching on pretty quickly. I have been bumming trick skis off teammates this year but am in the market for a new one of my own. I found this one on ski it again for a fairly good price:

Any recommendations on Reflex? Good ski to progress on? I have rode D3 and Radar, and was able to do the same tricks on both. The price is just to steep to buy one of these new. Should I just bite the bullet and spend the money or will the reflex be suitable?

Any advice helps, thanks guys.


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