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I checked out the Ski Caraibes site in St. Martin yesterday. Office is in St. Martin (French), but the slalom course in Sint Maarten (Dutch). they have a nice Nautique 200 tied up at the dock and it looked to be in very nice shape. I was cruising around the island in a very dangerous rent-a-jeep (Is the driver's seat supposed to slide all the way forward every time you apply the brakes?), and just stopped by. Naturally everyone was out to lunch so I couldn't talk to anyone. Water was unskiably rough at the office site, but the slalom course was a ways away and I couldn't see what the conditions were like there. For now, I'll assume the course was skiable. It would have been fun to ride in the boat for a set and check out the site more carefully. Anyway, the hotel were the office is located has a beautiful beach and is undergoing a rather thorough renovation. My wife loved it and said she would definitely go on a ski vacation there even though she really doesn't care to ski (at home in NY the water is "too cold" and at home in Florida the water has "too many alligators."). She said she would even be tempted back on skis if we went there. Personally, I'd have to know a bit more about the typical daily conditions, but from what I saw it looked like a nice operation. Google "water ski st. martin" and you'll find it.

Anyone been there?
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    I haven't been there, but you probably don't want to show your wife this :) :
    Is it time to ski, yet?
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    @dchristman You're damn right!
    John Wilkins- Si non pro sanguine quem ludus ne. #iskiconnelly
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    Went there last year, perfect conditions, in the pre gates 10" waves, in the gates flat, unbelievable but true, the course is on the only place in the entire island with good water. Very good boat and coach, call first I think they are closed during June. Ask the coach if the bouys are clean otherwise they will ruin your ski with the shells.
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    What's it like skiing in the salt water? Never done it other than combos on the ocean behind a seadoo
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