Please teach me how to run 13m! 2

Ryota Ryota Posts: 110 Baller
This is my [email protected]
I usually ski at 58 but since it's getting cold here in japan I want to avoid the risks of injury so I ski @55k.

I think I ran this pass very well. But when I try 13m I can't even get till 5 buoy.
Where do I fix to make my slalom better?
If you have any advice,please comment! Thank you!

here is my 14m


  • ToddLToddL Posts: 2,788 Mega Baller
    At 14M, you know you are going to get wide enough for 1-ball and you confidently edge change leading into it. At 13M (your other thread), I don't see the same confidence, which is in part why your edge change is late into 1 ball and your position during the approach is guarded.
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  • Deep11Deep11 Posts: 219 Solid Baller
    Similar problem at 14 as 13 - you are too fast at th bouy = slack. At 14 you are more patient finishing the turn which allows you to manage it better.
    Too much speed at the bouy stems from loading too early at the gate turn in, ( limiting your ski angle) and then "blocking" through to a late edge change sking directly at the bouy.
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