Goode Trick ski and hard shell binding

Great Goode trick ski size 41'' with free small left foot forward powershell bindings (men's 6.5-8 or women's 7.5-9). Ski rides great, just outgrew it. Ski is in great condition except for some scratches and rides perfect. Great ski for a beginner looking to progress or a pro (world champion Regina Jacques skied on this model). The ski will come with a left foot powershell binding and plate which were purchased for $500. The powershell binding includes a plate, the hard shell, and two liners. The binding needs some work. It works, but is a bit loose when clipped in. Please contact with any questions. The rear toe plate will have to be switched for a left foot skier as it is set up for a right foot skier.

If desired, I can throw in a medium D3 leverage boot, or a front and rear medium wiley slalom setup. We can talk about pricing on either of those options. Just want to get this thing sold.
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