Where to ski in Orlando Florida?

Hi, I’m just wondering where are some places to ski in the Orlando area and what the prices would be? I don’t think I’m going to have time to go when down their just wanted to see what the options are. Thanks


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    There are a ton of options in the Orlando area and prices depend on whether you just want to ski a set like at Lapoint Ski Park which runs $30 or so per set to coached sets at at least 6-8 sites (Wilson Brothers, Matt Rini, Lucky Lowe just to name a few) which generally run in the $60-80 per set depending on where you are and who is coaching.
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    I always go to The Boarding School. The Wilson bros have a great site.
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    I always go to The Boarding School. I've tried a few different schools and always love going back to Brooks. The Wilson bros have a great site with excellent coaching.
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    Drew Ross place winter garden
    Amazing site great coach
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    Drew is great! But, I seriously doubt you will find a set for $30...
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    @scotchipman just KLP I believe is the only one doing just sets without coaching. And I think the price might actually be $35. Coaching options are almost endless. The question to ask is exactly what neighborhood will you be in to choose where to ski...... Travers, Swiss, Jodi's, TGas, I thought Mapple was still in operation but never seen activity since AM's passing and hydrilla growth there shows a lack of use.
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    So I spoke to an Orlando WaterSports Complex (now Aksion Sports) employee not to long ago and there is a slalom course there on the boat lake. It's on a system that can be raised and lowered. Was a while ago but employee said course was broke and under water. There is a new 200 that can be rented by the hour with a driver. If I recal it was surprisingly cheap and if a few skiers split the rate it's even better. Or $25 a set. It does say Saturday Slalom on web site but guessing other times could be worked out with enough notice. It's a sleeper of an option as most think it's just cables and wake boats. Guess it's not a sleeper anymore. May be worth a call. Plus all the other activities happening there for other family members. A few Pro tour stops had there.
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    Best as I know, the SL course on the OWC boat lake is bottom-anchored. Since I would
    have supervised the installation about 1999, when the Pro Tour went there. For several
    years, Mike Ferraro had a ski and wakeboard coaching business there. I don't know about
    any raising/lowering system, other than snapping/unsnapping buoys to the subbuoys.
    Unless things totally have changed there.
    The Tour went there around 1999--2002. Jaret went 299' there in Ski Flying in a separate
    event in year 2000.
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    Ed, I thought that was odd as well. Thinkn maybe a bladder submersible system was added to accommodate wakeboats as that's their primary business. But if the course can be or maybe by now is functional, it's a cheap set.
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    Skied there several times when Ferraro was running his school. The course had detachable buoys from the subs. It skied pretty well. Last time I was there was April 15, 2010, skied with Andy Mapple and KC Wilson. That was really a GREAT day I will never forget.

    Still remember Andy saying, "You need to lean more."

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    LaPoints is $30 per set. We'd be happy to accommodate you. When might you visit?
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    @lpskier will you still be down there the first week in March?
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    @jcamp Hey Justin! I haven't made March travel plans, so if you're coming down and want to ski, I can plan around you. I've been in NY skiing (snow, and water) since before Christmas, and head south tomorrow night. I should be at the lake about 9 Saturday if you'd like to join me!
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    @jcamp FYI, the Crazy Canucks are coming April 10 for a week. You should join them.
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    I can see where a list / spreadsheet with all details on each site could come in handy for visitors to O'town.
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    Go to the boarding school, best set up with the best conditions...no matter what. Plus you get to ski with Brooks Wilson. Been there multiple times, top 5 favorite places to ski hands down.
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    Swiss Ski School is really really good. 4 Lakes, great drivers and boats, I think they were 45 or 50 a set.
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    Cool thanks guys theres seems to be alot of places to ski.
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    The problem is this: There are lots of ski options in Orlando, and the worst one is still probably a lot better than you are used to at home!
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