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I was out in my 21 xti wakesetter on the weekend, and we had the boat loaded up with seven adults and a few kids, and the wakeboard wake was great, naturally, but I really noticed the extra weight getting onto plane. Its the 310 carb Indmar motor, and have no problems with it, but I've heard that changing the prop is one of the biggest performance mods one can do. The standard prop is the ACME 515, and certainly when the boat isn't loaded it is more than fine. Pulling a heavy skier out or getting onto the plane loaded up takes a fair bit more throttle of course. What I'm asking is, what are my options, (I've read the 525 is a common replacement) however what difference would a 4 blade make? I don't want the ski wake to suffer, and top end doesn't really matter in a towboat in my opinion. Currently the boat sits on about 3200 rpm at 32-33 mph. I've heard some props can reduce the rooster tail. I ski at 15 off, any closer you're right in the tail which is hard to cross (at my level). Has anyone had any experience with this boat and different props?


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    you probably will get more info on a wakesetter at
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    Props have a significant impact on performance. Acme offers great over the phone advice on prop selection as does OJ. You have lots of options, Acme offers multiple pitch, cup and 3 or 4 blade options for that particular shaft size and rotation. The 525 is one step down on pitch compared to the 515 so roughly a 150-200 rpm change (higher) for a given speed. There is a prop selection chart on the Acme site, worth your time to review.
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    Just to clarify Bill, the wakesetter name is a bit misleading, it's really just a Sunsetter with factory ballast and tower. Diamond hull, mid mount, 1:1 gearbox. It's more a "fakesetter". :)
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    I've found that not only does the number of blades make a difference but obviously pitch, and a good prop guy can put in or take out "cup" which will make a noticable difference. My bro in law and I have identicle boats, props etc, his boat is a good 5-7 mile per hour faster then mine, surf wakes and speeds completely different. Acme also has a high altitude prop that is supposed to make a difference
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    Slammed 'Bu's typically run the Acme 911. It will drop 3-6 mph from the top end and move the rpm/torque curve up about 400 rpm in the boarding range. It will raise the rpms for skiing range by about 400 rpms.
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    @Daddyodaman oh, it's not a V drive?
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    No, it's a mid mount. It's effectively the same hull as the response LXI but slightly longer and with more freeboard, so it's a little heavier than a response, but it's still got a pretty good ski wake. It's a real all rounder, which is what I needed. I was just looking into prop options for when the boat was loaded or pulling a heavy skier. I'd love to know the difference three and four blade props make to the wake size/shape if any
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    @Daddyodaman I've used the 525 on my Sunsetter LXi. It's a good prop to provide a bit more grunt for wakeboarding and to get up to slalom speed quicker. No noticeable affect on slalom wake.
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    +1 on call Eric at OJ.
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