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Things to understand about the Centurion BallOfSpray Cash Prize events

HortonHorton Posts: 25,666 Administrator
edited May 2016 in Other Stuff
Each event has $6,000 in prize money. Half of the prize money goes to the very best skiers on site. Half of the prize money goes to the average Baller who puts together a one personally big score. Anyone can win. You throw in your $200 entry and maybe you get back $1,500.00 or not but everyone has a good time.

These events are really for the average Baller. If you ski a few tournaments per year then you have as good a chance as anyone to make some money.

Pros and BigDawg guys as as welcome as the average Baller.

Everyone skis 3 times.

Most of the events are run as Class C but we use the highest level judges and drivers possible.

The whole format is designed to make a ski weekend as fun as possible.

As soon as all the sanctions are official I will announce the dates and locations

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