Connelly GT First Rides

HortonHorton Posts: 23,972 Administrator
I just took ride # 1. A first ride on any new ski always makes me nervous. Do I have the right settings? Did I remember to tighten the fin clamp? Am I still Right Foot Forward? Will I run my first pass? What do I write if the ski sucks?

After my first ride on the GT, I am sure it does not suck. I did run my first pass. I think the settings are pretty good although I have some ideas about something I may try. First impressions are dangerous things but I am pretty sure the GT is more user friendly than the 2013 Prophecy and I LOVED that ski.

Off Side turns are crazy good and on side turns are not bad at all. These are very early impressions but I am pretty confident the GT turns very well.

19 rides to go

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