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Hi my husband and I are looking for a second home/property in southern Florida that has a slalom course on the lake. We have looked at pentalago, ultimate, and now going to see Alico. Is there any others to look at? Thank you in advance for any advice.


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    I wonder what the situation is on Banyan Lake, which is only about a mile away from
    Okeeheelee, and where Jim/Thelma Salmas used to ski. I believe that Steve Schnitzer
    is also a realtor, and someone to contact.
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    I can recommend Alico for sure! Skied there many times. Yes! Steve Schintzer is the Realtor to contact in the Okeeheelee area! I have his contact info...
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    Stillwater Lakes in Palm Bay.
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    There is a site in Estero that I believe has some lots for sale. It is over by Ft Myers. Ultimate Ski Lake.
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    If you are considering Orlando at all, you need to check out Isles of Lake Hancock in Winter Garden/Windermere area. Extremely unique setting where homeowners can enjoy boathouses on both a man-made tournament ski lake (in the front) and the Lake Hancock chain of three lakes in the back. The community is gated with lush landscaping and water abound.
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    Miromar Lakes has 2 courses, I'm building there now, it's private for now. 10 minutes from the Airport (RSW) and just north of Naples, in South Fort Myers.

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    How did you like Ultimate? Any +'s or -'s to their course skiing?
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    Lived in Banyon for years down in West Palm. Since it was just across the road from Okeeheelee, where you could trick, jump, and slalom, we spent all our time over there. Skied with Schnitz and Patty all the time there.

    Went down to Ultimate once when Ruth was a realtor there. I thought it was beautiful, like an Oasis. My Wife was terrified it was in the middle of the everglades, thought our dogs would get eaten, so I lost the battle on that one. Ended up moving to Orlando. Personally, I Loved Ultimate.
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