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Available due to popular demand! Note options for both short and long sleeves, in a couple of different price points each. (it also appears there is a wider range of sizes in some styles). Sorry, I can't provide comment on garment differences other than the American Apparel appears to be the nicest option offered. Campaign will run for two weeks until mid-May.

Skier's Rant

I also set up a BOS Store Front that will list shirts as they are created. Even after a campaign deadline has closed, if there is continued interest, a new campaign will start when there are enough new orders.

BOS Store Front

Because it's a bit hard to read on the shirt site. Here is the full text:
- I really have to get new shorts, these drag too much on the pull outs.
- Dammit, too much lube in my bindings.
- Man, that was a sweet gate!
- I forgot, which palm goes up?
- Could I backside the 1 ball any closer?
- It's only my first pass but I smell a PB today!
- Glad I adjusted my fin for this offside turn, hope it's not too much!
- How long do I have to wait for the 2 ball?
- This ski is so much more stable than a Monza.
- Maybe I should have tried a D3?
- That was a sweet 3 ball!
- Stop looking at the buoys!
- I really like my new vest.
- The water is smooth! I should be barefooting!
- @#&;$! I'm late at 4!
- Maybe my fin should be .0001 longer, then I would always be early.
- When's the last time I changed the impeller?
- Ok, on cross winds to the North I need to really hold my 1-3-5 lean for .125 seconds longer, and to the South opposite.
- Oh wait, I think I have that backwards.
- Someone really needs to adjust that 5 ball.
- Why is the engine revng so much?
- Tacos and Corona sound good for dinner.
- Breath... Breath... Breath!
- I could swear the 6 ball was farther down course.
- Is PP/ZO set correctly? Probably not. Stupid driver.
- Dammit, missed the gates... maybe they didnt notice.
- Close enough for me! Lets cut the rope!


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