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Recently bought and received (and tested) an In-Tow handle and In-Tow mainline. Our 13" straight handle has the In-Tow endcaps and the ski guard. It is the spectra line which makes the line nice and sleek. We got the 0.970 handle diameter (came from a Radar Extend triangle grip) and quickly adjusted to the grip. The rubber is nice and grippy and has enough room for your hands to firmly grasp the handle without getting pinched on your pinky (end caps help with that). Our mainline is through 38' off, has the knotless design, and has solid color through each line section so you can tell what line length you are on when in the water/from shore etc. The knotless design is fantastic and keeps things moving when you have to change the rope length while managing some kiddos in the boat. We have one training loop which I think will be great for my wife when she is going from 22 to 28 off. (The training loop is customized to your preference.) The rope caddie built right in to the mainline works great and is a really nice feature. The intangibles: A new t-shirt with Freedie Winter throwing a big BallofSpray, a coozy, and a placard with your handle specs that you chose. Your name and handle diameter are indicated on the handle and your name is indicated on the mainline rope caddy as well. This is a great product! I spoke at length with Brenda about the different options available and what the pros/cons were of each. So, if you are in the market for a new rope or handle, check out In-Tow!


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    Agree. I bought two ropes this year and a buddy bought one. Practice loops can be a riot.

    For example: 33.5 skis kinda 35-ish but with a lot more margin for error. It's much more of a 35 training tool than 32 off. I've really enjoyed 33.5 this year often times opening there for set number two.

    My ski partner has used 30 off quite a bit as well. We've toyed a little with the 36.5 line but tend to go after 38 if we've skied a nice 35.

    I wish I would have put a loop between 22 and 28 for one of my primary ski buddies.

    Other plus is the rope length changes are an absolute snap. Pair it with a mini Masterline shock tube and you are dialed!
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    +1 for In-Tow. I have used Brenda's rope and handles for over 10 years. IMO her stuff is second to none....OF
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    In-tow does make a great product but that's because she learned from the best. Formerly known as Rainbow ski lines #whitey
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