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    I am the Southern and Eastern Nautique Promo Coordinator. Our Team Members are not permitted to negotiate the use of their boats! However, anything the LOC decides they want to give to the Promo Team Member is greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten, such as hotels, entries etc. Also, many of my Team Members are drivers, judges and safeties so you get more then just the boat. There may be some Promo changes coming, so 2017 will be interesting.
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    I just put my CP Promo on SIA this week. Hoping to sell it so I can order a new boat and provide it to the tournament skiers in my area for the next few years....I didn't expect to make money on this deal, and I appreciate when tournaments comp my entries and offer a meal or beverage at the end of the day. We are fortunate to have all 4 boats at most of the's good for the skiers, the manufacturers and promo owners.
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    AWSA should eliminate the 2 year rule and allow any boat with current speed control to pull events (similar to IWWF)
    I think maybe its not in a specific # of years, but in the hull design. If a mnfr doesn't change the hull, any year boat with ZO and the "current" hull may be run. Now, on the downside, if a mnfr comes out with a new hull, then, yes, every promo boat that is run in a tournament would have to have that.
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