Selecting a releaseble binding system

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My 8 year old is running the course now and beginging to really work to get further along. He is currently on a Radar Prime binding which he has not failed to come out of yet (knock on wood). I am looking at moving him over to either an OB4 or Reflex.

I really like the OB4 allowing for release in all directions which seems safer but Reflex (at least around here) is the main system used. My other hangup is both systems are not recommended for skiers under 90 lbs.

A couple questions
- is one system more accommodating for changes in shell size? (at 8 he will be growing fast)
- any experience with kids using either system



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    For the reflex you just move the release back on the plate until you get to size 12, which then you need a whole new plate
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    @bojans my kids grew up using my binding release system. The MOB system easily accommodates changing boot sizes with no changes to the hardware other than adjusting the release setting for weight. And you can easily adapt the Radar Vapor or Profile boots to the MOB release.
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    MOB is surely in my wish list because of combination of reasons:
    First is a Multy dimentional release.
    Rest may sound a little weird:
    2- for travels I carry ski in Sportube-One, which requires boot off from the ski
    3- it allows to switch boots in search of better (comfortable) one using same release mechanics
    4 -it also gives a choice to either use MOB release or I may decide to use standard release (elastic laces) if I intentionally lock (overtight) release unit - for example if I give ski to friend and do not want to overload him with techical information.
    5 - it also will allow to do some canting (when mounting boot to plate), because I recently discovered that my brocken front foot ankle is very sensitive to cuff side inclinations
  • MAD11MAD11 Posts: 577 Crazy Baller
    Wouldn't JT's new system and Reflex have all the same travel benefits?
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