Rev 6 - a Goode learning experience (?)

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Hoping for some help here. Like many I treated myself to a new ski this year hoping for a bit of improvement with the technical advances I have been hearing about.
We don't have the opportunity to "try before you buy" so after much investigation and advice from "coaches" I ponied up $2000 for a Rev6 68 + postage.
As the ski seen most on the big dawg podium I was expecting Goode things.
I have spent the last 6 weeks in it (approx 30-40 sets) and am struggling. I have tried every setting posted on BOS and a lot more radical ones - short and deep upto long and shallow. Boots all the way forward to all the way back.
Bottom line at my home site before the rev6 my 13m was a given with 6-7/7 in most conditions, on the rev6 it's down to 2-3/7 and to be honest I'm just excited to make a 13. This time last year I working on Me and 11m. Right now I'm stuck on working how to run 13 again.
Last week I got back on my Mapple 6 and ran 3x13 and 2x12 off the dock. I dont even try 12 on the Rev6 as its a waste of time.

I had been thinking it was me not the ski given the weight of approval for it (and having bought it i am limited in my options (out of warranty now I guess too).

To make things more interesting when on holiday and skiing behind a nautique 200 6l 13 & 12 were easy - with relatively poor form???

What I have been feeling is that I just can't make it accelerate. If I load just right I can get out wide, but if I'm slightly off I'm shooting straight at the bouy.
If I get into trouble where previously just locking in and loading hard got me back init - not a chance on the Rev. When I look at and compare videos to last year (on the Mapple 6 and a flex tail ) I am just that much faster cross course.

In measurable terms doing a one handed gate I need to pull out 2 boat lengths later to be able to turn in at the same point - just shuts down in the glide. I have had to switch to a two handed gate to be able to get the speed I need.
I also need to load through both wakes and out the white water when previously I load into the first wake and ride the ski out.

At a recent comp I had the opportunity to discuss this with other skiers and compared the Rev6 to an Arc and a vapour - and the Mapple 6- (all 68s).
From the front of the front binding to the back of the back heel the Rev6 is on average 4mm narrower(1/4inch) .
This seems to me like quite a difference in surface area just where I need the support.

So I reckon I have learnt quite a bit this summer (rather than wasting it):
I am quite sure the rev6 is a great ski - behind the 200 i felt at home - but when choosing a ski you need to also bear in mind not only the ski but your weight, speed you are skiing at, power of the boat, and skiing style you want to work on.
I am 195lb, ski at 34mph behind an old Malibu with a soft pull. (Im already at C3 so nowhere else to go) and aim to ski wide and early rather than bouy to bouy.

If anyone has any ideas on how to make the rev6 feel and act like a wider plank then please let me know. Otherwise if any of you guys are skiing at 36mph, have big engined boats or weigh about 170 I have a just the ski for you at a bargain price (and I'll pay postage from the UK!)



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    I rode the Rev6 for a set and felt the same things. Also coming off a Mapple. I'm demo'ing skis now and have realized how well the Mapples glide compared to most other skis I've tried. As you say the Goode clearly works well for many skiers, but requires different inputs.
    Carl Addington, Lakes of Katy, Texas
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    I agree with @Than_Bogan. Not every ski fits everyone. Move on from the Goode as painful as it is. I would try a new Mapple if I was you.
    Mark Shaffer
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    I have tested a lot of skis the last two years. Struggled to get consistent at 38 on all of them. Back on my Mapple 6.0 and ran straight up the line to 1 at 39 two sets in a row. Going to stay on it for now
    Jim Ross
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    the Mapple is bigger/wider/more surface area than you think. The more comparable Goode would be the mid ride/xtm, if you want to stick with Goode.
    Stathis Ventouris
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    Thanks guys - I do of course agree with you. Unfortunately a new ski will need to wait until I can find someone interested in buying this one. Until then it becomes a garage ornament which is why I was wondering if there was anything I could do to "big it up".
    Interestingly I have just looked at the Goode web site and they have released a rev6+ for those bigger skiers struggling with cross course performance - I swear I had not read that before posting!
    Perhaps I can swap the fin clamp out on mine but suspect for the additional time and cost it may be too marginal a change - "when in a hole stop digging".

    Thanks anyway and I hope the information is useful for others looking to "buy before they try".
  • Deep11Deep11 Posts: 210 Solid Baller
  • Chef23Chef23 Posts: 5,786 Mega Baller
    Call Good and see if they will work out some sort of swap.
    Mark Shaffer
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    The Rev6 is one of the most stable skis on the market. It's also VERY efficient spray to spray BUT it's not designed to be ridden on the tail/fin block.

    If you've rolled through that many settings and boot placement, you are probably standing/riding the tail very heavy. Especially on the gate, turn in and your overall stance. Hard to tell without some video.

    Call them up and try and switch it out for an XTM. Probably a 65" ski. You'll easily run 13m and have a higher chance of running 12m. That ski is designed for less acceleration but more forgiveness if your balance point is not correct.

    If you can run 14.25m, you should be running 13m 90% of the time or MORE.

    If you don't want to evolve your technique, fall back to the Mapple :)
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    If you feel so comfortable on the Mapple 6.0 I would definitely try to test the Mapple T2 or even a T3 if you can. I am sure you will have a smile on your face.....
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    Hi @scoke - take your point, very difficult to comment without context. I don't really miss 14s. The video below is probably one of the better 13s, far from being what ii want but I Don't think I'm a real "tail rider". Fwiw the reason I've stuck with it so long was to see if I could evolve my technique to work with it.
    Thanks for the comments.

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    @scoke - if you ask the coaches or ski partners I ski with they will tell you I'm always working on my technique. That makes every ski work better. When I ski my best, I can run my shortest passes on a number of skis. The difference with the Mapple is that if I make a mistake, I can still use the ski to get out of the pass. I'll still always work on running it clean, but I also want a ski that will get me a score in a pinch
    Jim Ross
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    I am also on the Mapple 6 and wouldn't give it up for any other ski. I've run into -38 at two tournaments recently at 36mph. It ski great when I'm skiing right and works with me after a mistake.
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    Different skis work better for different skier, there is no best ski. I think the key is finding a ski that complements or at least tolerates your week points. I also tried the rev6, coming from a XT and I struggled. After three weeks the best I could do was mid 38s on the Rev6, but jumping to my XT I would run mid 39. As they say "your mileage may vary" I do not necessarily agree that it is because you are back on the ski, I tend to engage the tip more than most skiers, and the rev6 did not work for me. Apparently my style lends it self to the NanoOne shape, I have done well on the NanoOne, the XT the NanoOne flex tail, but not the rev6, the non-NanoOne flex tail or the T1 or T2 mapples's
  • Razorskier1Razorskier1 Posts: 3,425 Mega Baller
    @JackQ -- interestingly I skied lights out on the Mapple 6.0 two seasons ago. Skied with Andy and got a T2, which felt great on test day. However, I never got consistent at running 38 on that ski.

    I haven't tried any Goode's but the Flextail. I could put up scores on that ski and it felt really cool, but the scores were almost universally "ugly" skiing. With an unlimited budget and more than 5 months of ski time a year, I'd probably try several other skis. As you noted, different skis work better for different skiers, and I don't know if there is something else that could be better. A lot of guys put up really big scores on Goode's -- I'm not going to say they don't work!
    Jim Ross
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    I do believe that not every ski works for everyone. I am not as good as many here but a couple of years ago I was skiing on a 9960 Mid consistently running deep 35. Over the winter in a fit of boredom I traded that ski for a Nano 1 which I was never consistent on. I struggled to run 32 off consistently and missed some 28s in tournaments. Moved off that to a Helix then a Blue Vapor which I never quite got sorted. I switched back to a Mid this summer and while I haven't been completely healthy it feels much more comfortable to me.

    A few years ago I tried 3 different skis over a summer and skied to my average on all of them but the experiment over the past 2 years was frustrating. I will never sell/trade my primary ski until I really get comfortable on the new ski.

    If you have spent a month plus on the new ski and it doesn't work it is time to move on. Horton appears to be able to ski on anything but not everyone can.
    Mark Shaffer
    Than_Boganski6jonesDeep11Pat M
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    @Horton Interesting I'm very front foot heavy! I always run my boots back farther back then most
  • DeanoskiDeanoski Posts: 758 Crazy Baller
    @ what skis are best for front heavy skier IYO?
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    @Deep11 - I would send video to Martin at Goode and ask for feedback.
    I think the general consensus is that the Rev6 is a slower ski that doesn't glide as easily as the 6.0 evidently. It takes a more conscious effort (with back arm pressure and later release) to maintain outward direction....o.k.a. width and being early. The reward is a overall easy stable platform to ride, and one that doesn't do odd, bad things at the bouy.
    I've demoed/bought/tried more skis in the last 12 months than ever, in the same time span.
    I wasn't skiing particularly well on anything this summer and ended up strapping on a Rev6 in between rounds at a tourney. Literally first time on the ski had the best 1 ball at 38 in maybe 2 years. I freaked out at being too early at 2 ball and fell.
    But anyway, looking at the video, I think you would benefit from placing a bit more bias of weight/stance/hips forward on the ski, to get more centered. I would also work on protecting the angle and outward momentum you worked to achieve, by keeping back arm pressure (tension) in the spray, and roll the ski onto edge with that tension, and with both hands closer to your body/waist. Particularly approaching 1-ball, you appear to release early and reach out and back in to the buoy with your hands. Also, from 1 to 2, I don't see much back arm pressure at the 2nd wake....which will put you on a path straight to the buoy.
    Sorry, I don't mean to over-critique. These are things I struggle with myself. But I do believe that ski would work much better if you implement those things.

    * as an aside, I am surprised how many people still really like the 6.0 I would like to try one myself.
  • Pat MPat M Posts: 624 Crazy Baller
    All this talk about the 6.0 makes me reluctant to get off of mine. I've been thinking about what's next but as long as this ski stays solid I'm sticking with it.
  • Deep11Deep11 Posts: 210 Solid Baller
    @booze thanks for the comments - re: the back arm pressure, believe it or not that pass was all about back arm pressure off the second wake. That's the only way I've found to get the ski to swing out, so it's interesting that that is your advice for it (albeit more than I am doing). The thing is that I am used to having sufficient speed off the second to not have to keep loading the back arm. It does seem to be a quirk with this ski. As others have said before (think I've got the message ) if it's not feeling right after a barrel full of sets (and settings) it's time to move on. I did think however that the fact the performance is so different with a more powerful boat was interesting - and that the rev6 is narrower than all the other high end skis out there (which must have a performance effect.)
    Thanks for the critique though - spot on!
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    Ski flex, fin and binding set up play a huge roll in how a ski performs for skiers. You have to know how you can correct issues that you feel are holding you back. @SkiJay Fin book is a great start but nothing can compare to the experience of trial and error. Log each move and its effects to the problem you are trying to solve.
    Shut up and ski
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    @Deep11 Any video of you skiing on the Mapple? It would be interesting to see the difference.
  • Deep11Deep11 Posts: 210 Solid Baller
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    thanks guys like I said this season has been a learning experience. really appreciate @skijay chiming in on this. i have tried a lot of settings (and logged them) like he says nothing is has made it feel any faster. time to move on.
    on the "half full" side of things - i have a new ski to buy :)
    @Jordan always a nervous moment sticking video up, but here is a 13m and 12m on the Mapple. I think it might show what I am used to.


    Link to Video
  • DanEDanE Posts: 849 Crazy Baller
    @Deep11 If I had your skiing style I'd be putting up video all the time.
    You sure look much more at home on the 6.0 (wich could very well be the best Mapple ski ever), I have one that I looked to replace this season with something newer. Not an easy task I discovered but finally the 2016 Vapor nudged it out by the smallest of margin (would not be surprised if the 6.0 still shines if I slap the boots on and tried it).
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    I have watched @Deep11 on his last 3 skis and always admired how early he hit the buoy line which I think shows in the 12m pass on his 6.0 above, the picture below was taken at 13m on his Rev 6 and shows a radical difference in his line through the course.

    All this talk about the 6.0 is making me think about taking mine back from my wife if I am brave enough.

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