Goode XT - 1/2 way review

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I have 13 rides on the XT so far but 6 of those are tournament rides. Of the 7 practice rides 2 or 3 were not in the best conditions. So really I have not had a lot of time to gather my thoughts about the ski. Considering the time of year I am not sure I will get a complete review written.

It is really premature for me to make conclusions about the ski but the fact that I ran into 39 in both tournaments says a lot. I run some 38s and maybe more this year than ever but it is nowhere near a 50% pass for me. Maybe not even a 25% pass. What that says is the ski rips when things get hectic.

One other thing I do know is that the ski works out of the box with stock settings. That for me is a big selling point. I can adjust a ski but am much happier not having to tweak.

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