What size ski for a tall 15off beanpole

nzguynzguy Posts: 19 Baller
Hi all, this is a first post but I've been getting great info from you all for a few years now. So thanks for all your help! So much knowledge here.
I'm 6'2" and 180lb (81kg) running 15off at 32 and have got a couple of 34mph passes, even one at 22off (not sure how I managed that one) but behind an outboard which seems to make life MUCH easier. So take that for what its worth.
So I'm looking to change up my 67 Annex to something a little more modern (and more suitable), Probably a graphite Senate. I got to ride the 67 and 69 when I went to get some coaching at Oz Ski Resort back in May. The 67 felt comfortable but the coach thought for my height I should get on the 69 if I could make it work because of my height. Cutting was great (more stable) but it felt a bit truck like in the turns. But maybe I could get used to that??
So my questions are, how much weight to you put behind height v weight when choosing a ski length, and is its possible to make a 69 turn better by tweaking the fin? Or are we just talking subtle changes there that I'm not going to notice at my level? What I really think I need is a 68 Senate which of course I can't have. Why they don't make one of those I'm not sure as I found there to be a huge difference between the 67 and 69.
The other consideration is a 68 Vapor (Too much ski?). A bit extra length but something like the same volume as a 67 Senate. Haven't skied one though.
I haven't considered anything but Radar I know, but I've at least ridden the Senate and to be honest wouldn't even know how to get my hands on other brands skis as I live in a backwater here in NZ. I don't think I'm going to be able to demo anything before buying, so your help will be invaluable. Thanks in advance.


  • pacopaco Posts: 96 Baller
    I personally would go with a 67". That's what I have in the senate graphite. I'm 6'-0" and 200lb and really think it fits me perfect. As for the vapor, I think a 67" would suit you also, but given the opportunity I'd definitely try a 68".
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    I'm 6'6" and 175 lbs on a heavy day and ski right at your level. I'm on a 67" Senate and can't imagine a need to go to a 69" ski. The 67" is plenty stable for someone at our skiing level in my opinion. Also, considering the Senate Graphite should easily be the right ski for you until you are consistently running -28 passes I would recommend sticking with the Senate and save the Vapor for when you are ready to start working on -32 passes.
  • Razorskier1Razorskier1 Posts: 3,425 Mega Baller
    67 inch Senate. That ski has a ton of support. My brother is 6'6" and 215. He was visiting and didn't have his ski so I put him on my 67 inch Senate (my guest ski). He loved it, and looked great skiing on it.
    Jim Ross
  • nzguynzguy Posts: 19 Baller
    Thanks guys. I guess that's pretty much what I thought the Concensus would be. Before I went to Oz a 67 was all I had considered. Sounds like height doesn't have much to do with ski length. @TallSkinnyGuy if your'e happy on a 67 at 6'6" then I should be good☺
    I'm thinking at my level there's no advantage in lithium right? Graphite should do.
    As its the beginning of our season here, looking foward to getting on a ski more suitable to my level and getting used to it.
  • gregygregy Posts: 2,478 Mega Baller
    How old are you? What is your goals? How much do you ski? If you don't ski a lot I'd go Graphite. If you ski quite a lot and but don't see yourself advancing much I'd go with a Lithium senate. If you have your heart set on shorting the rope, I'd go with a Lithium Vapor. I'm on a 2016 67" Lithium Vapor coming off a 2015 Lithium vapor. I like both of them. The 2015, I thought was a little more forgiving but the 2016 is really rewarding when your on.

    I'm 6'2" 170lb. on a 67". August 2015 I was struggling to run 15 32mph. I'm now running 28off pretty regularly and gotten deep into 32off in practice. After some bad luck with injuries and ski partners everything kind of came together last year. Meet some good ski partners. Started videoing myself. Bought @skijay 's Fin Whishper. Did some video coaching with Chris Parrish. I started running 22off pretty regularly on the 2015. I now rarely miss 22off on the 2016. There's a ton of support on BOS for the Vapor plus @Chris Rossi and Brooks Wilson both were very helpful and always returned my emails. Their help has been unbelievable really, your getting more than just a ski with Radar.

    My ski Partner's is on a 2016 Vapor as well and he gets into 35off 34mph. He's on a 68" and more than a few pounds over 200lb. So you'd probably could go either way on the Vapor. I'd tend to say 67".
  • TallSkinnyGuyTallSkinnyGuy Posts: 539 Crazy Baller
    gregy makes some good points. If you will be getting two sets a day, 4+ days week in a course, have ski partners who are running short lines, will be getting pro coaching, have strong athletic skill and are relatively young, you could probably get on a Vapor now and grow into it quickly. The progress gregy stated above that he made in the last year is really impressive and probably not very common except when the stars come into perfect alignment for you. Regardless, if at all possible you should demo a high-end ski like that before purchasing, whereas you could feel pretty safe at your stated skill level buying a Senate and being very happy with it.
  • nzguynzguy Posts: 19 Baller
    @gregy that's some amazing progress! It's been a while since I've been that dedicated to a sport. I guess I should have mentioned that I'm 47 with a couple of young kids so I'm not looking to break records and time is limited. Our ski site is also tidal unfortunately, so we can only ski high tides.
    The reason I asked about the lithium Senate was because that's what I rode in Oz. Wasn't sure if I'd notice a difference between that and the graphite or not. Sounds like a graphite Senate should do nicely.
    I like your idea of video coaching and may take it up this season. I got a lot out of the coaching at Oz ski resort, so I can see the value in it. But first I've got to put into practice what I was taught! Turns out what i thought I needed to work on is not what I actually needed to work on:)
  • TallSkinnyGuyTallSkinnyGuy Posts: 539 Crazy Baller
    @nzguy You and I are very much in sync as I am also 47 with a couple young kids and simply don't have access to water and time that would allow faster progress. I was on the '14 Connelly Prophecy last season and ultimately determined it was too much for me and thereby holding me back. I switched to the Senate this season and, as a result of its stability and forgiveness, am taking significantly fewer hard falls and am building greater confidence. I feel like I need more technique consistency before I am ready for the reduced stability and forgiveness of a high end ski. The Senate is allowing me to develop my technique without bucking me hard.
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    @TallSkinnyGuy - are you still skiing at Rollins? Come down to Bell Acqua next year and ski with Craig Irons, our coach, or me and the rest of the crew. Didn't you say you used to ski at Lake 1 years ago?
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  • TallSkinnyGuyTallSkinnyGuy Posts: 539 Crazy Baller
    @jimbrake Yes, I am still skiing my portable at Rollins (can only start using it late August due to heavy boat traffic before then). I also have been invited a few times to ski with Rod at Liberty Lake and with David and Dan at Pleasant Oak recently. I have never skied at Bell Acqua before. I am indeed hoping to get some instruction next season. Thanks for the invite.
  • nzguynzguy Posts: 19 Baller
    @TallSkinnyGuy that's funny to hear we are so similar. Do you also find yourself constantly checking BOS to quench your addiction because you can't ski? Oh for the days I'd eat sleep and breathe my sport . But seriously, that's good to hear your experience on the Senate. Gives me confidence I'm making the right choice. Nice to hear about reduced crashes too. My first set of the season a few weeks ago I took an otf at the second wake and had a ripper headache before I even stopped in the water. Don't want to take too many of those! On the bright side I got to test my OB4 system which worked perfectly. Didn't even feel it go. Love that binding.
  • jimbrakejimbrake Posts: 1,253 Mega Baller
    @TallSkinnyGuy - ah well, invite stands. Let me know if you'd like to come check it out next spring. I imagine you could get in the course before late August that way.
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    I have ridden the 67" senate graphite when I was at your level and weight slightly shorter though. It was an amazing ski. But I never thought of a getting bigger ski quite the opposite getting a 66" since it's wider.
    I'm now on 67" vapor alloy which I bought when I weighed the same as you and run consistent 22off. A vapor alloy is not to advanced for you. If I were you I would have gone for a 67" vapor alloy or graphite. Definitely not a 69".
    I will replace my 67" alloy with a pro build. Quite consistent on 28off and running deep 32s on a good day. Now weighing 75-77kg and I'm choosing between 67" and 66".
    If any of you more experienced ballers think I'm totally wrong please enlighten me.
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