Another Problem with Nationals

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It is not news that USAWS uses Nationals as fundraising event. I forget what % of entry fees to to the association but I am under the impression that it is more than 1/2.

The point is that one of the reasons we have a harder and harder time finding someone to host Nationals is that it is a LOT of work for very little money.

I am not saying that we do not need to fund our National organization but perhaps this should be part of the debate.

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    How much is Very Little Money?
    Shut up and ski
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    What if there was no nationals this year?

    Would the powers that be get the message that we the membership & it's member clubs who will no longer take on the burden of hosting such an event want a change to reflect what the current active membership wants and needs from the Leadership

    Not having the Nationals I think it would be an interesting form of protest. USAWS's cash flow would need to change besides relying on AWSA to supplement all the other sport divisions and keep that body alive.

    Would it be the right time to follow a year wth no nationals with a seperation of AWSA and USAWS?

    If it was not clear to everyone over the past few years that there is an issue it is a perfect way to send the signal. Knowing this sport and many of the people in it. Some group will put up the money out of their own pockets and dozens of people commit a lot of time to what say they saved the nationals so we can have it. That would just be to sticking another finger in the hole of a sinking ship and allowing another larger one to come back in a year when we all go through this again.

    Just thinking out loud here.

    @jdarwin @Jody_Seal @Horton
  • LLUSALLUSA Posts: 206 Solid Baller
    1st its not a favorable split for the host, we do not owe money from the Worlds, USAWS did not help AWSA with expenses, we along with show skiing support the other divisions, if everything goes perfect the LOC might make 25,000
    LLUSA, Sr Driver, AWSA Board of Directors, Towboat Committee,Lake Owner
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    Well, OK Lyman, why don't you host the 2017 Nationals and clear some $25,000?
    Even if it takes a full week on a one-lake site.
  • LeonLLeonL Posts: 1,931 Crazy Baller
    @Edbrazil Lyman just said that it's not a favorable split for the host, so why would he take it on?
    Leon Leonard Stillwater Lake KY - SR Driver SR Judge
  • HortonHorton Posts: 23,836 Administrator
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    A one lake site would take more than a week
    A one lake site would not get any practice revenue
    After all the hours of effort the $25,000 is really about minimum wage.

    @LLUSA let me know if I got this wrong.

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  • bigskieridahobigskieridaho Posts: 609 Crazy Baller
    As a spectator in the Nationals at Broadside, I watch a number of my friends bust their butts to help and make a great event. Us as fellow ballers should be willing to help out as much as we can setting up, and doing the necessary things to make great event and keep costs down. I would love to see Barry, Don, Brett, Dave and the list goes on to put on another great event here. I would be more than happy to help. Let's not forget why we ski.... it began as for the fun of it and still is. Hopefully make Nationals one day. Ski on fellow ballers and help the community out for sure!
  • jcampjcamp Posts: 627 Crazy Baller
    Before we get too far along on this thread, it would be good if we got some actual stats about USAWS's take ... not possible maybe I kinda remember impressions.
  • fizerfizer Posts: 23 Baller
    Meandering off topic, but since @MattP mentioned it here....I love the idea of AWSA splitting from USAWS. I don't know everything that goes on behind the scenes, so maybe I am wrong about this - but I feel like a big portion of the money and energy created by AWSA is spent supporting show skiing, kneeboarding, etc. But hey, maybe some wakeboard money is flowing to us and I misunderstand? One thing I am pretty sure of - it does not help build our sport by having a website with pictures cycling on the front page that include a guy in a neon barefoot suit riding a kneeboard (no offense). Young potential skiers are not going to want to be associated with that in any way. Hell, I'm M3 and I don't want to be associated with that in any way. There was recently a news story on the usawaterski homepage that I would have loved to send my friends and coworkers, but I didn't send it around becasue of the possibility of one of those kind of pictures popping up on the front page. #secede The AWSA will rise again!
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