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    @epnault Back when I was an open-water skier I was also afraid of the wake. Once I started to run a slalom course my fear of the wake magically disappeared. Instead of focusing on the wake I was focusing on making the turn around the buoys.

    This isn't an excuse for poor body position or stack - just my experience when I was starting out.

    Good luck!
    Ted Thomson, Austin Texas, Aquaplex
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    @ktm300 oddly enough through the how to of GUT, I take WAY less angle through the gates then I used to. My approach/cut to the gates startes much sooner as well, making the gates look a mile wide as I head between them. I have speed but that is not generated by increased angle or waiting as long as possible. Aside from Freddy K, most jumpers do dig a bit of a whole and do get shot out of a cannon.
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    Gordon asks Andy on an instructional video, on a scale of 1-10, how much physical effort are you giving at the wake? Andy says 10.
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    I get the "smooth" and "light on the line" concepts, but I would also have to say "light on the line" for example implies the opposite as Andy saying "10" for physical effort. And for me "10" means stomping on the gas pedal so it would be hard to argue that you're not going to have more speed across the wakes which is the ultimate goal, right? Provided of course, that you can control that speed and it's effects on your body position.

    Andy was a pedal stomper and correct me if I'm wrong but I believe his wake crossing speeds were measured to be the highest of all the pros. The result was that he was higher and earlier than everyone else - a huge advantage.
  • Nothing cooler Then Andy's style behind perfect pass.
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    ZO too.
    Can only dream of this view,
    Ralph Leepumpinpete
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    That video is just amazing...a walk in the park for him.

    In the same Gordon Rathbun training vid referenced above Andy takes a pass with NO GATE CUT. He goes through the gates behind the boat and then pulls out for one ball. If I remember correctly it's at something like 39 off 36 mph and he smokes it. Just crazy...GOAT.
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    edited February 2017
    Fortunate enough to have filmed Andy. What is remarkable to me is the high outbound momentum that literally shoots his ski (almost changes edges in the air) onto the new turning edge off the second wake and then it's just a ride back to the connection. Keep your eye on ball 4 in the second vid and see if you can catch what he does with his free hand in that split second (hint..keep your "eye" on it). I believe that was 39. Amazing real urgency there at 4 ball.


    >>> 11.25..a different kettle of fish. <<<
    6ballsRalph Lee
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    @6balls -you're remembering the mapple video incorrectly. in those ' no gate ' passes andy starts a couple feet outside of the white water ( left side of wake ) and snaps off an extreme angle just as he gets to the gate. still amazing but not quite as impossible as you remember -only impossible for all other humans besides mapple.
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    As a novice slalom skier (I started 34mph at the end of last season) I am eager to start the new season with all the motivation necessary to apply all the excellent comments I am reading on that post. I have been watching all Andy's videos and I really try to make it simple as he said. Fast and agressive at the right place that what it makes wide and space. Thank's

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