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Hi guys..

 I have just ordered the new strada boots, however since i live in South Africa and there is a pretty small skiing community here(compared to U.S) i don't know much about them. I have read up about them but i'd like to hear what you guys think?

I am currently on HO Animals, but they are cramping after my second pass, i am looking for the highest performance binder that is still comfortable and allows me to do my 8 pass set.

Do you think the Strada's are the right choice?


  • JarydcohenJarydcohen Posts: 13
    Thanks Scott..another question..

     Do they have removable inners? and are they designed to release on a bad fall? 

    i have heard about it but have had no real clarification.
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    It's a pretty simple design that is very effictive. Test the release on dry land, they will release similar if not a little smoother when you ski.
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