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Anyone have a special product or technique for cleaning the boat carpet ?


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    Simple green and a pressure washer. Keep the water away from the dash. Then toss some fans in the boat to dry. Don't use this method if your boat has wood in it.
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    I hear that amway bubble bath is good too.
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    After you shampoo the carpet, follow up with a solution of fabric softener, conditions the carpet and makes the boat smell great! (Learned this trick right here on good old BOS)
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    I have a steam cleaner. I turn up the water heater to hot, pour it onto the carpet and vacuum it. No soap. Soap on carpet will clean it but it also leaves soap residue which will then collect dirt. I have heard from many carpet salesmen and installers that say the same thing. Just hot water with the steam cleaner.
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    @oldjeep I am not sure how you use a pressure washer in there? Doesn't seem good?
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    My personal experience with a pressure washer in a previous boat: worked great for cleaning the carpets but you have to be very careful where you aim the jet spray, I got a little off and ended up with a cut in the vinyl, I was so distraught I never did it again.

    I now just clean and scrub by hand, use a hose to rinse and then use a wet/dry shop vac to remove all the excess water.
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    Definitely need to be careful with a pressure washer, I'd use a 45* tip. Once on a gel coat finish I blew the gel off with a 15* tip. My main concern is filling the foam flotation up with water. Most if not all boats foam is the floor with just a thin layer of epoxy on top then carpet. The epoxy can crack/disbond and allow water intrusion. In this scenario I think a pressure washer would be safer because it's probably putting out a much lesser volume of water.
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    In our 92 MC once a year we used a mild mix of Palmolive dish soap and warm water applied with a soft brush. A little vacuum to dry and it still looked like new when it was 22 years old.
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    @Orlando76 - what kind of boat have you got that has flotation foam in it? Not required over 19 ft, there is definitely none in mine since I've seen the pictures of when it was built.
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    Not a mechanic but I play one at home
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    @oldjeep true, wasn't thinking about what forum I was on. So if you're boat is a 200 no need to worry. If you're still skiing a classic chances are high it's foamed.
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    Pressure washer and a little bit of spray nine in the carpet. Suck the water up with a shop vac, have someone follow as you wash if possible. We do this on hundreds of boats a year, hands down best way just be smart with the Pw
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    @oldjeep 200's definitely have flotation. I am pretty sure, but not certain the other three approved boats do as well. Just because it may not be required is not a good excuse to build a boat that would sink if swamped (in my opinion).
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    I always ask yacht laundry staff to clean the carpet and they'd did in good way. Carpet looks new after the wash, wonder wash's the product they use to clean it.
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    Gentle but effective method used successfully by me for years on convertible car hoods and carpets.
    Wash with Milton sterilising fluid or similar ( use at dilution ratio recommended to wash out /sterilise baby bottles)
    Agitate with soft brush.

    Follow with Johnson Baby Bath ( blue bottle ) again using soft brush.
    Cleans and smells nice too.

    Rinse with fresh water
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    Worst case scenario: renting a Rug Doctor WITH the upholstery attachment will get it really clean.
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    Its a boat.... hose it out, let it dry. A weak, or wide spray pressure washer should be fine, care to not hit the vinyl and other more sensitive areas. Use some detergent and a little scrubbing for stubborn spots. If any soap is used, rinse it thoroughly, then just let it drain. Speed up the draining with a little squeegee, or a shop vac if you like. Unless there are cracks in the hull, any foam should be sealed in without danger of getting soaked.
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    Not to throw the thread a diff direction but the MasterCraft at the BBQ fund raiser boarding school has this carpet in it that wasn't carpet but a pad that I can't adequately describe. Not Sea Deck or anything like it and not carpet but very very cool stuff and the most practical thing I've ever seen on the floor of a boat baring future durability. What is it?
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    Probably deckadence
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    Yep that's it. Nice stuff!!!

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