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Radar BallOfSpray Cash Prize at San Marcos - CANCELED

HortonHorton Posts: 25,660 Administrator
edited April 2017 in Breaking News
Radar BallOfSpray Cash Prize at San Marcos

BallOfSpray is very proud to announce the Radar BallOfSpray Cash Prize at San Marcos. This event will be held at San Marcos River Ranch Lake # 4 in Martindale, Texas on August 9 - 12 during the 75th GOODE Water Ski National Championships.

The Radar BallOfSpray Cash Prize at San Marcos is designed to give competitors a second chance at victory. The event will be comprised of 3 preliminary rounds and a final.

There will be one round of the slalom every afternoon following official practice. Skiers will ski in the Radar BallOfSpray Cash Prize at San Marcos event on the days that they do not slalom at GOODE Nationals.

The Radar BallOfSpray Cash Prize at San Marcos will run after official practice from 1PM to 6PM on August 9, 10 and 11.

The last preliminary round will start at 9 AM August 12, followed by the handicap final & the raw score final.

There are 2 Paths to Cash

Path to Cash # 1

Skiers will be handicapped by their GOODE Water Ski National score. The skiers who have the single best scores in the Radar BallOfSpray Cash Prize compared to their Nationals score will move on to a handicap final. In the handicap final, each skier’s handicap will be reset to their current USAWS average.

Path to Cash # 2
The skiers with the highest raw score from the preliminary rounds will move on to a raw score final.

Entry Limit: 50
Entry Fees: $150
Radar BallOfSpray Cash Prize Purse will be $6,000

Entries are non-refundable unless the event fills. Entry fees will only be refunded when a skier from the waiting list replaces a canceled entry.

Link to registration
Link to event FAQ

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