What current trick wake most resembles a SN196?

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What current trick wake most resembles a SN196? 11 votes

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  • thagerthager Posts: 4,318 Mega Baller
    Trick Wake?? Who died?
    Stir vigorously then leave!
  • Jody_SealJody_Seal Posts: 2,434 Mega Baller
    Why would it resemble anything else then a current 200? Dr. Moe uses a 196 from time to time we just go a little longer rope on the 196 then that of the 200 easy transition for her.
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  • elrelr Posts: 243 Mega Baller
    Yep have a 196 at home use a SN200 in tournaments.
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  • Bruce_ButterfieldBruce_Butterfield Posts: 1,330 Mega Baller
    I guess I don't understand the point of the poll. If you are in the market for a newer boat, the trick wake on your 196 is irrelevant. The question should be what boat has a better or the best trick wake. If you are planning on practicing with the 196 and wondering what to pick in tournaments, go with the 200. It will be easier to get air on your FFLF and and BFLBB
    If it was easy, they would call it wakeboarding.
  • eleeskieleeski Posts: 3,659 MM Trick Skier / Eccentric Person
    WTF? The 196 had an awful trick table. Who would want to emulate that? Good riddance.

    The 196 wake was actually shaped rather well (not well enough to compensate for the unskiable table). None of the new boats are as good in just wake shape. I haven't seen or skied a new Malibu - some say it's good. I could get used to last year's boat. The Nautique 200 wake (and table) are OK. That's usually my tournament choice. Centurion is tiny - I haven't skied one overloaded with ballast but I max out the tournament supplied weights and it's still small. I don't have to many new Mastercraft rides. Some were too small wakes, others were as good as the 200 wake. I am still kind of mad at them for obsoleting the best trick wake for a slalom wake that wasn't different at my rope lengths (it was great at 28 off and as deep as I ever went). Sigh. A few year old MC is still the best 3 event boat.

    @Bruce_Butterfield I'm not sure that any of the Malibu, Nautique 200 or new MC will offer any advantage over the others if they are all properly weighted and balanced. My subtle nit pickings do not apply on the big power tricks (like FFL or BFLBB). All the wakes are similar size and with the strong wake approach needed, the shape differences get hidden.

    I'm going to get my American Skier going.

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    @Bruce_Butterfield I have taken freestyle out of my jump run
    Dave Island- Princeton Lakes
  • Bruce_ButterfieldBruce_Butterfield Posts: 1,330 Mega Baller
    @disland I didn't say you did them on purpose.
    If it was easy, they would call it wakeboarding.
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