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Well, after 50+ years on the same lake (2 different homes) my parents are moving to a smaller more manageable home. They leave behind great memories on Lake Byllesby, one of the most unique lakes in MN. 3 miles long and 1 mile wide, this lake has it all; cliffs, 3 miles of untouched wooded shoreline, skiing, duck hunting and fishing. And since it is a reservoir with a hydo electric dam, the lake level is maintained regardless of rain amounts. Also lake is lowered in winter (aerial pic) so no damage to shoreline do to ice & easy to instal dock. There is a permit for a slalom course along the 3 miles of wooded shore so wind protection is decent.

3 bed 3 bath. Over 200' of waterfront. Home is currently 1,800 finished square feet but can easily be expanded to 2,700 by finishing space above garage. Oversized, insulated 2 stall garage (900sq ft with workshop). Expanded driveway with RV pad. Large out building matching home. Easy and quick commutes to the Twin Cities, or Rochester areas. Lake life at it's finest. $495,000. If interested in further info PM me. Do to the privacy, I won't be providing further info on a public forum.

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    Cool Lake. I always thought I'd get there to see it, but never have in 20 years in MN
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    Any climbing routes established on the cliffs?
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    Doesn't help with the ski course part of the sale but you forgot to mention decent windsurfing/kiting.

    Good luck. Much like Razor I always thought I'd visit in 12 years of Rochester living and never made it.
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    >>> 11.25..a different kettle of fish. <<<
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    @cragginshred no climbing routs on the bluff as its sand stone. But you can carve your name in it with a stick or screwdriver and some even carve foot and hand holds and do climb but would not recommend it. @xrated I believe there is a large club of windsurfers that have multiple sites around MN. And depending on wind direction and speed, this lake gets the nod and 25+ show up and rip it. Very cool to watch.
    >>> 11.25..a different kettle of fish. <<<
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