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I came across this the other day on TWSF and thought I would share. This ski looks to be a competition for the new Sansrival that is made in Germany. This ski seems to be made by Fischer in Austria again under the name Razor as a rebrand of the Fisher.


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    Looks nice & edgy and it's my two favorite colors! I Love the two little venturi peepers on the tip! -Someone buy one and tell us how it is...  
    HOO HAW! thankya very much
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    Here is where you can buy one.

    Price is 1200 euro minus 16.75% VAT (for delivery outside EU) = 999 euro x 1.26979 = $1268.52 USD (+ $110.47 USD shipping) by my calculations.  Not terribly expensive compared with the competition.  Somebody buy one and post a review!
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    This is the Fischer reborn. No thanks for me; not going to put myself in the same situation I was in with the Fischer when they suddenly decide not to make them again. I got no responses from emails sent to Jody or even to Fischer in Austria. If the ski does well and they're still available and supported in 3 or 4 years, then I might think about it.

    I thought the video was a joke.

    As for, they are a reputable ski dealer there and trustworthy. I bought my Fischer from them and would do business with them again (in case anyone was considering buying from them).

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  • Razor Skis can be bought at

    Carolina Watersports is the first US official dealer.


    reserve yours now.

    Skis arrive at Trophy lakes, Charleston Sc end of the month


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