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I am new here, but plan to be around fairly often.

I have read a few times online that HO and Radar use the same hold patterns.  I also have read that they do not, and it is somewhat confusing to me.  I hope you can help.

 I have a 2003 Ho Phantom Carbon waterski.  It previously had Fogman Hardshells on it, so it has HO inserts and holes for Fogman bindings. 

I want to put some Radar RS-1 boots on this ski.  Does the Radar sequence plate match the hole pattern on m HO ski (or perhaps match the Fogman hole pattern)? 




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    i just got RS-1 bindings, and the sequence plate looks (and I've heard) that it will fit any ski, and I have it on an HO hole pattern.
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    It'll fit the HO/Obrien/Radar pattern or the Connelly/D3 pattern
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    HO changed the front boot insert pattern to the present one in early 2001-2002. Still should be fairly easy to modify if you have the earlier pattern.
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    Thanks for the help guys.
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