Has anyone had their boot liners shrink after they were heat molded?

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I had a pair of RS-1 liners heat molded to my feet at a water ski shop. I used two toe caps because I wanted to make certain my big toe did not push on the end of the liner while skiing. After the liners cooled plus a little extra time, I think about 25 minutes, I removed my feet. I had to wait about another 25 minutes to get the feeling back in my toes. I then tried on the boots and I think they were fine. They now feel like the length has shrunk back to my toe, especial in my left one. Before I call the ski shop, I wanted to ask it any one else has experienced this. Thank you for your help.

Has anyone had their boot liners shrink after they were heat molded?


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    Usually the liners seem to grow, or get a little roomier when you heat mold them.  I'd recommend filling them with hot water from your boat shower, and then ski in them, then see how they feel.
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    Oddly, I had a similar experience w/ my Strada liner, and also had a large toe cap on, looking for a bit more length in the toe box.  Post-heat shrinking was confirmed by the way the Strada footbed (which is not heated during the process) is now "bunching" to fit, to the point where I even needed to trim a bit off the tip of it.  I occassionally stick a cedar shoe tree in there when it is wet, hoping to try to stretch some length back into it (but any suggestions for a  long term fix would certainly be welcome).  My concern is that re-heating it now, might cause it to shrink even more.

    (edit)...replaced my liner 6/10...having much better success w/ new one.  Also had good results w/ Paul's fitting technique (below).  Thx Paul. 

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    Couple of notes:

    Liners do work back a bit after molding esp if stretched during the molding process. We find it's best to put a lot of toe room in by stretching out before going into the boot and not rely on caps so much because the toes curl!

    Cold or just water shrinks your feet so if they are snug on land they should be OK. This is the reason it's nice to be able to adjust a boot in the water without fear of altering the release properties too much. Liner Molding Fluid Motions
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    I have size 11 Strada boots, with a very low volume size 11 1/2 foot. My liner kept shrinking back as will. Ended up exchanging the liners only for size 12. Lenght is now great on the fit more precise due to the larger liner taking up more volume. I fit alpine race boots and have done the same in that application. Release of the boot is better becouse I don't have to tighten the laces as much.
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