C-clamp prop puller vs harmonic puller

JohnbrannanJohnbrannan Posts: 27 Baller
Does anyone have experience using a harmonic prop pulling tool, AKA a prop knocker, instead of the C-clamp style? I have a spare prop now, and may have to change it (never or rarely.) The youtube videos seem to indicate the harmonics work, but some reviews are skeptical. Is it worth just buying the C-clamp for 2-3X cost?


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    I've used both, you smack both of them to remove prop. Prefer the pull that you get with the c style, as opposed to using the harmonics exclusively. Either will last forever as long as you don't crank the crap out of the clamp style and bend it. Over the life of boating, either is cheap. Recommend getting the acme weekend saver kit which is a prop case, wrench, cotter spare nut and whichever puller you pick. Cheapest way to get it all and keep it together and protect your spare
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    I've heard some struts get in the way but I've always used a brass drift and a sledge hammer. They always popped right off.
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    using a puller will lessen risk to transmission; C-clamps are reliable and relative low-cost.
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    The few times I've needed a prop puller I've pretty much just borrowed on from my local Nautique dealer, maybe left my CC number as security in case I didn't return it.
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    I like the c-puller the best.
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