buddies Nautique 206 issue

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Bought new to him/used last year...I want to say 2008 model year. This is the issue as described and the dealer is saying he needs a new cable/helm:

Dealer told me 1,000$ plus tax to "repair Cable, Helm"

Issue is that, at any speed, the steering wheel requires at least 45-60 degrees of rotation before the boat reacts... in either direction from center. So, once it "catches", the boat does turn, but it's just disconnected from the driver due to rotational slop.

Sound reasonable as the fix?
THX in advance
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    For $1000 you could replace everything from the steering wheel to the rudder. I'd be looking for a detailed estimate with parts/labor. With that kind of slop it seems to me like either the tilt unit u-joint or the helm/ rack is seriously worn.
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    The price sounds high but I am not familiar with the 206. I think it is a 150 part for the steering cable on a Malibu and not more than a couple of hours to replace it. I would want more detail on the quote.
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    There is only two parts that can generally cause this

    Steering cable ~180 US (if wheel turns rudder easy not likely the issue) I can change mine in 1.5 hours
    Helm ~200 US ( if nothing loose likely the issue ) 1 - 1.5 to replace when I did my 05 SN196

    Steering cable to helm loose ( four bolts directly under and behind the helm. ) check for sung
    The pin/ attachment arm from the steering cable to the rudder (open the back pull up the center floor of the compartment and see if loose tighten .)
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    First, with that much play in the steering, fix it immediately; that is dangerous. Second, I have replaced two steering cables over the years, the last being in my 1998 Nautique this past fall. Not too complicated if you take your time, and take photos of all attachments before you start taking things apart. (I needed those photos for the rudder arm/cable connection adjustment.) Never replaced the part under the helm attached to the steering wheel; not sure if that is your problem.

    $1,000 might sound high, but if several new parts are being installed plus the labor hours needed, it might not be too far off. It seems any dealer repairs to these boats are expensive because they have a lot of overhead to cover to stay in business.
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    How many hours on the boat?
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    @Jmoski I don't remember exactly his hours but it was remarkably low for a used boat.
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    @6balls - in that case I doubt the cable needs to be replaced unless it was used in a salt environment. Sounds like the rack under the steering wheel needs to be tightened, or greasing the rudder itself.

    Is the steering stiff/tight?
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    wish I could charge a grand for a 2 hour job! 21' Extreme Cables can be had for under $185.00. $1000??? the other $550 must be tax!?!???!
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    Well offda, it is Gov. Goofy's Land of 10,000 taxes. Minnesnowda!
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